(No) Trouble With the Curve

Eclectic Goods - Curved Sofa Inspo

As we head into a new decade, it's fun to see trends from past time periods make a resurgence. One trend that I've loved seeing come back around: curved furniture. The clean lines of mid-century modern designs have had the spotlight for quite some time now, so a little 1980s-inspired curve feels like just the shake up we need.

While rounded sofas and armchairs immediately come to mind when I think about this comeback, I particularly swoon over a curvaceous headboard. What better way to rest your head at night than feeling like your bed is giving you a little hug? Most of the pieces I've seen are upholstered, only further adding to the coziness.

You may be wondering: do curved furnishings have staying power though? Absolutely! The key is striking balance. I recommend playing with shapes to create a lasting look. Try balancing a curved sofa with boxy coffee table, or vice versa. Take the cover image as a perfect example; the armchair and bench are more Scandinavian and crisp, then the sofa added a luxe softness. It feels fresh, yet many of those designs and hues have been in style for some time now.

Crush on Curves

If you're particularly keen on the curve, then go crazy! It's your home, after all. I've seen some really inventive spaces recently that are going all out with the trend, and applaud the boldness. Take this Chicago home designed by Jen Talbot, for example. It is fearless.

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Eclectic Goods Curved Furniture Lookbook

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