3 Perfect Patio Season Looks


Summer is officially here, people! It's my favorite time of year. The sun is shining, temperatures are warm, and days are long. Now all that is left: the perfect patio setup. Right now, we have a ground-level wooden deck in our backyard, but I have big plans. Step one: out with the old to make way for the new. We're planning to say "adios" to the deck to give the whole area a fresh start. I love the look of square pavers with grass in between, so I'm planning to make it a reality once we get back from our upcoming vacation.

Once the patio is laid, it's time to get to styling! Our home is a mid-century rambler, and our furniture and decor lean minimalist. Although I love a good Scandi/mid-mod look, I also think an outdoor living area is the perfect place to bring in a contrasted aesthetic.

My next step: time to create design boards! If I am ever torn on a design direction, I always bring my vision to life digitally before making any decisions. Looking to elevate your own patio? Check out my 3 style ideas!


While I'm leaning towards mixing things up with our patio, I can't help but put together a board that would feel perfectly cohesive with our interior design. I do really love the clean lines for a modern al fresco experience.



There is something about a patio that makes me dig earthy, boho vibes. Bring on the fringe and rich texture!




Similar to the boho look, I also love the idea of playing with color and patterns for an outdoor space. Considering we will primarily use our patio in warm months, pops of vibrancy feel perfect.


Get the Looks

Love these patio looks? Bring them to your own backyard or balcony! Click the product names below to shop each board.

Thank you for reading! Let me know your favorite design board in the comments.

Cover Image: Studio McGee