The Foolproof Way to Style Your Coffee Table

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Family rooms are typically the go-to room in any house. Ours is no different. We spend endless time in this room, both as the two of us and while hosting. With a room so utilized, it's important to keep it on point.

Now, what comes to mind when you think of a focal point in a family room? For me, it's the coffee table. Yes, couches are critical, and accent chairs are great as well, but the coffee table is central. You socialize around it, keep your drinks on it, maybe even kick your feet up on it. A coffee table serves as the perfect opportunity to add your dash of style to the room. If you're stumped on how to give it the "wow factor" then here is my fool-proof system.

  1. Get a tray - this piece truly ties everything together to make it look intentional. Better still, it serves as a great place to stash odds and ends in addition to your accents.

  2. Throw in some height - the key to any display is varying the heights so you have different visual planes. One great idea is keeping a taller plant in a vase, or fake sprays for those of you with a black thumb. No matter what you choose, just make sure it stands taller than the other items.

  3. Add an anchor - pick an object that is medium height, and sizable enough to draw attention from the taller centerpiece.

  4. Add a shorter object - three is a magic number, after all, so this will create balance. Similar to the other anchor, you want this object to be large enough to still hold its own in the arrangement.

  5. Fill in with little details - I love keeping coasters handy, but it's also a great spot to add matches for a candle, or other little nic nacks

If you thought that I was going to let you fend for yourself without some inspiration, you thought wrong! Here are some great examples to show you this go-to look done well.

Eclectic Goods Coffee Table Decor Inspo 1

Eclectic Goods Coffee Table Style Inspo 3

Eclectic Goods Coffee Table Inspo Look 4

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What is your favorite go-to coffee table look? Let us know in the comments!

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