No Green Thumb? No Worries! Top Ways to Add Botanical Decor

Not all of us have a knack with plants. Keeping them healthy and vibrant can take time and a bit of effort. But, lacking a green thumb should not limit introducing Nature’s beauties into your interior design. Botanical decor can come in a variety of forms adding an organic touch to your space. Here are our top ways to easily bring in plant life.

Start with art

A simple solution to not having natural plants in your space is using art. Leaf prints like large banana palm leaves or sculptural Joshua trees are popular with boho eclectic interiors. Oversized and framed, these give either a tropical or desert like feel to a room.

Creating a wall gallery with varied botanical decor pieces also gives plants a prominent place in your home without a lot of fuss at all. Moebe’s floating leaves is a unique approach to introducing plant life in your home. Fresh botanicals are pressed between transparent glass to give a multi dimensional effect especially when hung from the ceiling.

Use wall coverings

With a large array of pattern and color options, wallpaper can play a huge role in bringing in botanical decor. Whether an accent wall in the living room or on the back of a bookshelf, this is a gorgeous way to display plant favorites.

Scared of the commitment? Adhesive options make application simple and removal even simpler. If a wall is too large a space, use this type of wall covering to adorn a small end table.

Take on low maintenance plants

There certainly is nothing like the real thing for botanical decor. For spaces with limited natural lighting there are a number of low maintenance plants that work. Consider the following which require little water and care:

  • Snake plant

  • Aloe

  • Jade

  • Pothos

  • Philodendron

  • Rubber plant

  • Spider plant

  • Cactus

Because air plants are so easy to grow and care for, they are perfect for those wary of owning houseplants. There are over 650 types of air plants (Tillandsia) that can grow—and thrive—without soil. For great tips on how to care for these sculptural lovelies, check out this post by Pistils Nursery 9 a botanical fave in the Portland area).

With such cute display options like these, air plants offer just that touch of green needed in a space in a design chic way!

More decor

Botanical decor is taking off in varied ways making it easy to infuse your space with a little leafy love.

Soft furnishings like pillows and curtain panels are affordable and simple ways to do this. Whether it’s bold fronds or pale florals, using printed fabric like this adds color, style and of course, texture.

Other decor pieces like ceramic dishes, votive holders, and wall clocks do the trick as well.

  1. Cactus canister; set of 3

  2. Wall clock

  3. Palm print

  4. Fern votive holder

Go faux

Let’s be honest, some of us have little time for even air plant care. For this, faux plant options can save the day! These have come a long way in terms of having realistic qualities that make them feel like the real deal.

There are things to consider on how to make these artificial pieces sit pretty like selecting the right vase or container. A recent Popsugar article shares this savvy tip:

Select faux plants that mimic the irregularities of nature. Look for plants that jut out in unexpected directions. Select blooms representing the full range of a flower’s lifespan — from bud to fully open. And feel free to bend and cut stems (wire cutters are a must) to varying lengths to create an arrangement that looks lifelike.

Botanical decor is a definite magic maker when it comes to outfitting a space. Natural plants are ideal but many alternative options exist that add the aesthetic benefits of flora in design. Use one or combine several of the above tips and see your space come to life!

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