How to Makeover Your Mantel

With the holidays fast-approaching, it's almost time to bust out the garlands and stockings for a festive overhaul to your fireplace. It's funny how this area of the home is so iconic this time of year, yet can get neglected throughout the other 10+ months. What happens when the new year hits, and the storage tubs are repacked? Does your mantel decor blaze with style or flicker out?

If you feel like your fireplace could use some TLC, then follow these steps for a fresh look:

Step 1: Pick Your Anchor

No matter what time of year it is, your fireplace is usually a focal point in its respective room, so you want to visually draw people's attention to it (and they'll love what they see, after you follow these tips!). As a general rule of thumb, your decor should create a triangle on your mantel, starting with an anchor at the center. Pick one larger piece - whether it be a mirror, art print, or wall accent - and make sure you consider not only its width, but its height as well. The vertical space above your mantel is key for bringing balance to the whole fireplace. You can mount your selected anchor, or lean it for a more casual look.

PSA: You can truly stop here! If you're more of a minimalista, then don't feel like you have to pack in more items. You can create your own formula, and sometimes a stand-alone item makes all the statement you need.

Step 2: Add a Weight

If you do want a fuller look to your mantel, then the next step is to add a visual weight on one side. A tried and true option is something natural, like a potted plant, spray of leaves, or vase of flowers. Whatever you select, make sure it isn't dwarfed by the anchor piece; it should be large enough to give meaning to the term "weight." If the object you love is shorter/smaller, try placing it on a stack of books or decorative box.

You can also use the same weights on both sides of your mantel for a polished, symmetrical look.

Step 3: Add Another Weight

Now for the other side to complete your triangle! If you picked a single item for the other weight, then it always works to create a cluster on the other side. We love the look of 2-3 smaller framed prints/photos as the other weight, or a trio of candlesticks. Similar to your first weight, you want to make sure that it creates balance and isn't too small for the other pieces you've selected.

Step 4: Layer In Accents

This final step is also optional. Now that you've created a visual triangle with your anchor and weights, you can choose whether or not to add additional objects. Fan of flair? Fill in below or in front of the anchor for added dimension. While it's easy to use the mantel as a center stage for some of your favorite finds, you also don't want it to feel too cluttered. It's best to stick to 3-5 total items resting on the mantel itself to avoid it feeling chaotic.

Now that you've got all the steps, here are some inspiration photos to help you see this formula put to work!

See what we mean? Anchor, weights, layers. It's truly that simple. Ready to try it in your own home? We've got plenty of accents to help make your mantel decor refresh a fiery success! Here is a look with ECGoods items:

Accents* 1. Ava Mirror || 2. Emerald Ikat Vase || 3. Wooden Decorative Rectangular Bowl || 4. Brass Peace Sign ||
*This rendering is for inspiration, but isn't to scale - check our website for exact dimensions.

Image Credits: 1. BrePurposed || 2. Studio McGee || 3. Em Henderson || 4. Almafied || 5. Veridian Homes