4 Ways to Cozy Up Your Casa

As the temperatures continue to dip, it's clear that Fall is fully upon us. I'm not sure about you, but I find that with each flipped calendar page I get more and more tempted to curl up in a comfy nook of my house with a good book and a glass of wine. If you've been on Pinterest in the last year, then you've likely seen the term 'hygge' everywhere. If you haven't, then here is the rundown:

Hygge (hue-guh); Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Um... sounds pretty incredible, right? While I'm not fully versed in all of the intricacies of hygge, I do know a thing or two about creating a cozy home, so I've curated a little list, along with some linked items from our store, to help make these autumn days more bearable (or dare I say, enjoyable).

1) Load On Layers

If you're craving a little snuggly spot, then the natural place to start is with your bed. Nothing helps you transition into the new season like adding some incredible layers to your bed, whether it be some additional pillows, warm sheets, or a beautiful throw. I love the look of our chunky knit (here) or tasseled throw (here) at the foot of a bed to curl up with. Downside: you may never want to get up in the morning! Check out these stunning, slumbery spots.


2) Dim It Down

If you're looking to wind down, then it's time to turn down! Nothing kills an atmosphere more than harsh lighting, so if you want to create a calming environment, start by checking the lighting in your space. If you're relying on bright, overhead fixtures, then opt for some softer lamps to create multiple light sources (here). Want to really take it lower? Snag some soothing candles and display them on a tray.

3) Plus Up the Pillows

If you're looking to plop down, then skew your pillow to couch ratio. I currently have 5 pillows on my 84" sofa, and most days I want even more. Pillows immediately amplify the coziness of any seating arrangement, plus they give you the chance to bring in some seasonal colors or fun patterns without the heartier investment like a new furniture piece. As you can imagine, pillows are a staple at Eclectic Goods, and we're obviously pretty in love with our array (here). Here are some other inspo arrangements we've been eyeing up:

4) Soak It In

I would imagine most people overlook this room when cozying up their home, but it has tremendous potential: the bathroom! If you're one of the lucky souls that have an incredible tub, then that is the ultimate starting point. I love the look of a tray that spans across the basin paired with some bath-time necessities like candles, salts, or oils. Even if you don't have a tub, you can still make your bathroom feel luxurious by adding some striking Turkish towels (here). Not only are they functional, but they display beautifully on hooks (here) or rolled up in a basket (here).

Anyone else feel like grabbing a blanket and cuddling up now? Good, me too.

Thanks for reading! Which tip are you excited to try in your own home?