3 Ways to Rock a Gallery Wall

I could sing from the mountain tops on how much I love art. It is entirely subjective; a piece may elate one individual and repulse another. The great thing is: it doesn't matter what other people think! If a print or object moves you, you should make it yours. As in all things design, art is the perfect way to show your unique character in your home.

For all of you other art junkies out there, you'll be psyched to hear Eclectic Goods just stocked up on some more awesome wall art! There is plenty of variety too - from monochromatic abstracts to colorful photography prints. With all this newness in store, I figured it was the perfect time to talk gallery walls.

There are endless ways to create a stylish gallery wall, but I'm going to bucket into three easy options: classic, chromatic and eclectic.


If you like symmetry and orderliness, then this option is for you. A classic gallery wall consists of matching, or at the very least, cohesive prints in the same size and frame color. I love how crisp a grid gallery wall looks, and have a 2x2 one above our staircase. This route will add some flair and polish to a room.


The primary difference between the classic and chromatic is the frame size. With a chromatic gallery wall, you would still pick prints with similar colors, but would vary the sizes and layout. I also adore this look because it still feels slightly organized (perhaps I'm a little OCD), yet gives you the flexibility to play around with scale and overall shape.


Last but certainly not least, the eclectic option gives you full freedom to get funky. If you like to play around with art mediums, colors, and frame styles, then this is for you! The primary thing to consider if you want to create an unconventional gallery wall is balance. Space out similar colors and sizes so you don't have two dark or large prints together, for example. This option is meant to be unconventional, but you still want it to feel intentional.

Bonus pro steps: before you hang your beautiful art, organize them on the floor to create the perfect layout. From there, use paper (and tape as needed) to match the frame sizes and mark a dot on each for where the nail should go based on the bracket position. Measure for spacing, gently tape up the paper, nail through the marking, rip the paper away, and hang your perfectly spaced gallery wall!

Feeling inspired to create your own? CLICK HERE to shop Eclectic Goods' stylish art prints.

Which style do you like best? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Image Credits: 1. Opposite Wall || 2. Poster Store || 3. MyDomaine