Vintage Modern Style Living Room: How to Mix Old With New

Vintage modern style is a sweeping look that embraces interior design far and wide. The clean lines of modern pieces fused with items that provide character and story is a timeless combination for any room of your home.

A weekend excursion to flea markets, estate sales, and consignment shops is a fabulous way to hunt for vintage gems that compliment modern spaces. Countless options exist online, too, for sourcing the perfect pieces to create this distinct eclectic trend. Here are some basic ways to achieve it!

Create a table + chair combo

One simple way to introduce the vintage modern style into a space is to mix up the styles of tables and chairs. Whether the pairing is vintage table + modern chairs or vice versa, the result is beautiful union of new and old.

A country style desk and a modern eames? is a sweet mix where neither outshines the other. Aged ornate wooden pieces with vintage style handles soften the streamlined design of modern decor. Bring the two together further with black and white photography that captures images across eras.

Industrial inspired pieces are perfect mix of old and new where materials like wood and metal meet in a natural way. The overall vintage appeal of this small table, oil paintings and an old oar, is off set slightly these great white wire chairs. Match made in dining nook heaven!

Find your focal point and go from there

A common way to set up a design focal point is through art. Whether you go for a large prominent painting or a wonderfully curated gallery, wall art selection can be key to creating a vintage modern look in a space.

The process of picking the right art is a subjective experience. It may be colors that draw you first or a motif or medium. However the art piece speaks to you, select it and then work around it.

Go for the vintage rug solution

There is nothing like a vintage rug to bring richness to a room. Pattern and color go far here particularly in spaces with white walls typical to modern style. It is often the simplicity of design (clean lines, minimal decor) that accompanies this style which gives space for a flat weave kilim or Persian to shine.

On wood, concrete or tiled flooring, these gems can anchor a space and are often the source for a room's color scheme. Bring in energy with vivid reds and pinks like this Boujad one or embrace more neutral tones with a lovely Dhurrie one.

Lean on lighting to make a statement

Lighting fixtures are a room's most useful and stylish accessory. Vintage modern styles become playful when retro pendants and floor lamps find a place in a room design.

In a room with a modern style background, pieces like art deco sconces, antique crystal chandeliers or industrial cone pendants add interest in form and finish. If your room holds several metallic items, consider mixing in a glass lighting fixture. A space that is wood heavy in furniture could use a little shine from metal or rustic mirrored lighting options.

Don’t underestimate the power of small accents

Possibly the simplest way to infuse a touch of vintage in a modern space is through accent decor pieces. This is where family heirlooms and treasures scouted in your local second hand shop come into play. An old clock, vintage vinyl and tchotchkes that delight you have a place on walls and bookshelves.

Larger accents like old suitcases or trunks function as decor and useful furniture options. Align your vintage pieces with the color palette (like the monochromatic one seen here) of your modern space for added synchronicity.

Blog post collaboration by owner of THE GOOD ABODE, Christine Martin.

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