Summer Ready Patio Picks

Outdoor Patio Look 2021

We had our first 80-degree day in Minneapolis this past weekend, which means one thing: I am officially ready for patio season. Living in a state with a brutal winter means that I need to take full advantage of summer time, so I am always pining for ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it is going on a walk with a friend, enjoying happy hour at a rooftop bar, or hosting a grill out, I maximize the season in a range of ways and soak in the sunshine and warmer temps.

Patio Priorities

Although it may seem like people wouldn't prioritize their patios given the shorter window to use them, it's quite the opposite. Almost everybody considers them to be an essential extension of their home, so the design is key. When planning your own patio, it's important to balance function with style. Choose pieces that give you ample seating, places to set food and drinks, and some shade if possible. This will ensure you have a versatile and comfortable space for any occasion.

Beyond the practical furnishing decisions, there are so many fun ways to incorporate your personal style into your patio. I personally love playing with natural textures, ample pillows, and ambient lighting, but there is also one element that really ties the space together: a rug! So many people miss this finishing touch and it is a shame. It lets you create a feeling of a room, plus adds a little coziness. There are a lot of beautiful indoor-outdoor rugs out there now to make this magic happen.

Outdoor Dreams

Ready to make your patio or deck dreams come to life? Here are my favorite new additions to the Eclectic Goods shop that can make it a reality! Click the product name below the image to shop.

Eclectic Goods Patio Favorites 2021

Products: 1. Nadie Rug 2. Fara Rug in Mineral Blue 3. Minka Rug in Tribal Taupe 4. Sherwood Outdoor Sofa 5. Dimitri Outdoor Double Daybed 5. Mod Wire Outdoor Lounger in Gold 6. Tucson Woven Outdoor Chair in Black 7. Harpa Outdoor Storage Coffee Table 8. Nahla Outdoor End Table 9. Ledger Outdoor Coffee Table 10. Lula Outdoor Sideboard 11. Ceramic Wall Planters Set of Two 12. Alfresco Pillow in Cabana Stripe 13. Alfresco Pillow in Concrete 14. Zander Outdoor Bench in Aged Bronze

What is your favorite patio item? Let me know in the comments!

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