Styling With Sconces

Ever since my husband and I bought our house, my appreciation for design has changed. In the past, I would focus on furnishings and accents, but now I've grown to admire elements like hardware, windows, and light fixtures. It makes sense that I didn't care about these details as much in the past, because they weren't things that I could change as we were renting, but now I take in everything. I especially notice how I've come to love sconces.

Although I most often see them in bathrooms, these little light wonders have been popping up everywhere lately, and I am here for it. One of the reasons that I'm drawn to sconces is they dress up a room. Even if they aren't hardwired, the mounted style gives a feeling of permanence for a little "wow" factor. I wish that I had discovered corded options when I was renting, because I would have bought a pair for my bedroom. Not only does this create visual interest to frame the bed, but it also frees up precious nightstand space.

Sconce Inspo

As I looked for some inspiration, I found beautiful options for every room in the house. If you also adore sconces, then here are some of my favorite ideas to brighten your home.

Shop Sconces

If you are ready to bring a little wall-mounted magic to your home, then here are some incredible options available in the ECG shop. Click the product name to shop!

ECG Sconces Lighting Lookbook

Brass - 1. Julia in Aged Brass 2. Holly Art Light 3. Bruckner in Aged Brass 4. Marshall in Antiqued Brass || Black - 1. Colton Double in Oil-Rubbed Bronze 2. Mid-Century Arm Sconce 3. Taylor in Mocha 4. Hunter's Point Rattan Sconce || Colorful - 1. Lily in Blush 2. Round in Peach 3. Curved in Moss || Statement - 1. Rope Pendant-Style 2. Industrial Rattan Sconce 3. Curved Marble in Brass 4. Uni Double in Bronze || Globe - 1. Globe in Brass 2. Latham in Aged Brass 3. Gina in Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Which is your favorite look? Let me know in the comments!

Image Credits: 1. Love and Specs || 2. Cedar & Moss || 3. Cle Tile || 4. Payne's Gray || 5. Haywood Made || 6. Emily Henderson || 7. Cedar & Moss || 8. Rejuvenation || 9. Studio McGee || 10. Design Milk

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