The Art of the Shelfie

If you follow design accounts on social media, then chances are you've seen your fair share of shelfies. No, the 'h' isn't a mistake. I'm talking about the perfect Insta/Pinterest-worthy shot of a flawlessly styled shelf. Gone are the days when they merely served as storage for books, they are now a way to highlight your aesthetic and personality. This may sound like a daunting task, but don't panic! Here are my 5 tips for honing the art of the shelfie in your own home.

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Find Balance

Generally speaking, three is a magic number when it comes to styling. It's an easy enough rule of thumb to follow when creating a display, which is why so many designers provide it as a guide. I would caution, however, that exclusively working in threes for a shelf display may grow tired. Find balance by mixing quantities in your arrangements, like creating two groupings underneath a trio, as demonstrated beautifully in the above picture. Don't forget to take a step back from time to time to assess the full view.

Create Variance

While smaller nicknacks are fun to add into your shelf look, it's important to maintain scale. Larger pieces will ensure that the unit feels full, but not cluttered. As you position your accessories, check that there is always some clearance between the top of the object and the next shelf (the same goes for book stacks). Additionally, it's good to mix the height of objects in each arrangement and on each shelf. Unless you are intentionally creating a uniform feel, pick a tall, mid, and short object.

Add Layers

If you ask me, the true art of a shelfie comes from adding layers. Although this may seem daunting, you can play around with it and start to hit your groove. Some easy go-to objects to place in back are framed art or photos, decorative baskets or boards, mirrors, books, or records. As you play around, stagger objects to add depth and help it from feeling too contrived.

Mix Materials

I personally think shelf decor looks best when it isn't a single style. Take your time to collect items you really love, and play around with vintage pieces, too! This also means utilizing different materials like wood, plaster, metal, paper, and glass. I find that varying the materials can make the whole display feel more authentically created; like items just accumulated over time and somehow came together so perfectly.

Pick Favorites

At the end of the day, a shelf is your stage to show off your favorite finds. Perhaps you acquired a really incredible piece while traveling, or maybe your child handmade a vase for you. Although the above recommendations are a helpful guide, the most important lesson that I can share is to make it your own. Pick items that will make you happy each time they catch your eye.

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Image Credits - Cover: Emily Henderson || 1: Harlowe James || 2: Chrissy McDonald via The Glitter Guide || 3. Architectural Digest

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