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Eclectic Goods Bar Cabinet Styling Inspiration

There is nothing quite like returning home after a long day of work. I've paid special attention in our home design to create spaces for calm for that reason. Our living is one of them, with lofted ceilings creating a bright and spacious feel. It's my favorite spot to unwind, and an added perk is it is also close to our built-in bar. I love having easy access to a great glass of wine or cocktail, especially when hosting guests. We were super fortunate that the previous owners had added this feature, but thankfully there are endless ways to create your own home bar.

As you've probably seen, bar carts have become a staple in many homes at this point. What started as a resurfaced trend became a mainstay thanks to bar carts' versatility and flair. Although I love them and always have fun accessorizing them (read my previous blog post on how to style yours), I definitely find myself gravitating towards new options like cabinets, credenzas, and consoles.

Pouring the Perks

One of the main benefits of a cabinet or credenza is that you usually get more hidden storage. This allows you to still display your most beautiful glasses, bottles, or accessories without having to show everything. Let's be real, some alcohol labels just aren't fit for a center stage view, and that's okay. The other perk of a credenza in particular is that they are often a larger item and therefore you can give them multiple purposes. For example, our friends have a large sideboard in their living room that they use to store all items for hosting. This includes liquor and wine, but also linens, napkin rings, candleholders, and games. It allows you to create a single spot for all of your dinner party essentials, without taking up that much more real estate than a bar cart.

Serving Up Style

The Eclectic Goods team has done a wonderful job sourcing a range of options to bring your home bar to life. Here are the pieces than I am loving the most:

Eclectic Goods Bar Cabinets Lookbook

Click the product name to shop: 1. Stark Sideboard 2. Consuela Teak Console 3. Madelyn Sideboard 4. Tolle Cabinet 5. Porto Bar Cabinet 6. Caprice Bar Cabinet 7. Isador Bar Cabinet 8. Cane Bar Cabinet in Ebony

Now that you've found some gorgeous options, be sure to add some decorative objects plus all of the staple ingredients to keep on-hand (click here for a full list of essentials).

Image Credit: Coco Kelley

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