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There are endless ways to add visual interest to a room. From light fixtures, to rugs, to accessories, it's easy to fill a space with loads of character. One of the areas that can be overlooked, though, are walls. Unless you have a textured finish or wallpaper, they're usually large blank spaces in a room that beg to be filled. Walls are a great way to channel your creativity. Whether you're interested in a gallery look or less conventional objects, it's a fun opportunity to express yourself.

Wall Photography

One of my favorite ways to style up walls is with photography. I've personally been dabbling in (highly amatuer) travel photography over the years, and love to display my shots in our home. Not only are they great conversation starters when we host guests, but more importantly they also allow me to fondly reminisce on our adventures. I prefer to keep the sleek and frame modern with matting to allow the print to really shine.

Print Styles

If you aren't a wiz behind a lens, don't worry! Our shop is teeming with themed photo prints to fit a wide range of tastes.

  • Travel

    • If you've got a serious case of wanderlust like me, then these are for you! Stay inspired with near and far-off places.

  • Coastal

    • Just because you can't be at the beach 24/7 doesn't mean you can't daydream about it, right?

  • City

    • Perhaps you love architecture or are just a city girl/guy at heart. I love the urban touch these bring.

  • Animals

    • Prints to showcase four-legged and feathered friends for a little pop of wild.

  • Nature

    • Enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors even from inside. These are particularly fitting for a home office or work space where you may feel cooped up.

Ready to shop for your own walls? Click on the product name below the image to snag these awesome prints for yourself. Be sure to check exact dimensions in the product description, as these are not to scale.

ECG Wall Photography Prints Lookbook

(Listed by section from top left to bottom right) Travel: 1. Joshua Tree IV 2. Home on the Range 3. Vitava River Cruise 4. Big Bend Set || Coastal: 1. Teal Umbrellas 2. Pastel Beach View II 3. Pastel Beach View I 4. Aerial Beach View || City: 1. Bronx Bridge 2. Arizona Skyline 3. Color Me Pink || Animals: 1. Black & White Texas Longhorn 2. Water for My Horses 3. Peacock 4. Rustic Texas Longhorn || Nature: 1. New Mexico Ranch 2. Dibden Enclosure 3. Dried Floral Dyptich 4. Winter Time

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