Ultimate Gray

Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year

Each December, I anxiously await the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year. Although I don't believe it's usually indicative of what the most popular hue will be for the upcoming trip around the sun, it can still be a wonderful source of inspiration. From 2017's "Greenery" to 2019's "Living Coral" (which sparked controversy and criticism), we've had a stretch of vibrant swatches the last few years, which hasn't jived with my home palette. To my surprise, the 2021 pick is a complete change of pace.

Ultime Gray

Pantone's choice for 2021 is split between two colors: "Illuminating" and "Ultimate Gray." While the former is a sunny yellow, the latter is a neutral mid-tone gray. The combination feels like a metaphor; bleak gray, but brighter days ahead. Some people may not love the ashy choice, but I personally think it's a great, practical option to weave into interior designs.

Why We Love It

Gray has been heavily utilized in recent years, but it is for good reason. Neutral furnishings and paint allows you to play with warm or cool tone accents and decorations without the room feeling overstimulating. While white can make a room feel too sterile or susceptible, and black can shrink a space visually, gray is truly the sweet spot. I personally love "Ultimate Gray" because it is light enough to still allow for an airy aesthetic, but deep enough to stand up to potential wear and stains. From a paint standpoint, it may be a bit dark for a small or poorly lit space, but would work great for cabinets or a room with ample natural light. For furnishings or accents, it's perfectly of the times!

Get The Hue

If you weren't ready to take our word for it that "Ultimate Gray" is an on-trend choice, then our lookbook should be proof. These furnishings and accents were already in our shop prior to Pantone making their selection. We love when the stars align like that!

Click the product name below to snag one of these gray goodies for your home.

  1. Gabby Tufted Bed in Gray Velvet 2. Outdoor Mod Concrete Dining Table 3. Sadie Dining Chair in Dove 4. Tabby Chair 5. Textured Fringe Pillow 6. Modern Stripe Rug in Gray 7. Trey Textural Rug 8. Set of Two Spindle Stools in Gray 9. Smoky Globe Chandelier 10. Marcus Desk Chair 11. Wesley Sofa in Gray

What do you think? Did Pantone pick a winner or miss the mark? Let me know in the comments!


Cover Image Credit: Cheshire Interior Design

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