How to Create a Calming Neutral Nursery

My husband and I welcomed three new nephews to the world this year. It is hard to believe how quickly our families are growing, and we absolutely love our roles as aunt and uncle. Watching my siblings become parents has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, but it certainly is eye-opening. Although they all handle it in stride, they're the first to admit that parenting is hard, especially the early weeks with your first born. Navigating a new normal on next to no sleep is challenging, and there is a lot they said they wish they knew beforehand. One theme that I noticed was their nursery setup, so I figured it would be helpful to share some tips for any expecting parents out there!

Nursery Design Do's

Before you get settled in at home with your newborn, you'll want to have their nursery set up for both of you to be comfortable. Two of my sister-in-laws mentioned they're glad that they focused on practicality of items, but also that they didn't overlook aesthetic. You'll end up spending a lot of time in this room, so you deserve to love the design, too. I would encourage you to lean into your personal style and add touches that you can share with them. For example, if you love to travel, frame some favorite shots you've captured through the years and tell them about each one.

The other common theme I heard is to make it as calming of a space as possible. Neutral and muted tones will help you feel tranquility, even during the tough times. This doesn't mean you can't play with color, but going with softer hues or "pops" are ideal.

Get The Look

It's no secret that I love neutrals. They have a range of benefits for nurseries. Not only are they gender-neutral, but they can also be easily repurposed in your home as your child gets older. Check out how I brought it to life in this lookbook:

Eclectic Goods Neutral Nursery Lookbook

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  • Ceramic Wall Planters Set of 2. Purify the area and add some natural energy to the room.

  • Nagaland Throw Blanket in Earth Tones. Keep a blanket handy to stay cozy during late-night nursing or early morning cuddles.

  • Saga Handknotted Area Rug in Fog. Area rugs are a great way to style up a room, even ones with carpeting. If you have hardwood floors, a rug is essential to add softness and sound-dampening for little one's cries.

  • Wyeth Sandalwood Dresser. This dresser offers maximum storage for diapers, wipes, and clothes. It also serves as a surface for a changing station or basket.

  • Katonah Accent Table Lamp. It's important to have multiple lighting sources in any room, but especially a nursery. Overhead lights are too harsh at times, so I recommend creating a calming ambiance with a table or floor lamp.

  • Bellvue Wall Mirror in Brass. Mirrors reflect light to brighten smaller spaces, plus it's fun to show baby their reflection while holding them.

  • Kimble Swivel Chair. You'll spend a lot of time nursing, which means you want to get a chair that is comfortable for you and baby. This swivel option lets you create soothing movement easily.

  • Leather Pouf in Shell. You deserve to kick your feet up.

  • Rondell Marble Top End Table. If your floor plan allows it, keep a side table next to your nursing chair. This will come in handy as you need a place to set a bottle, book, or other trusty item.

  • Laurel Decorative Wooden Bowl. This little bowl is pretty and practical, serving as a spot to stash extra pacifiers and teethers without it feeling cluttered.

What tips had you wish you'd known as you became a parent? Let me know in the comments!

Image Credit: Olli + Ella

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