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One of the biggest reasons that I love interior design is that it is subjective. As with any creative medium, each space may delight some and disgust others and, at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. It is all about what you love. If you think about it, your home is effectively a personal gallery to display art, objects, and furnishings that delight you. With this metaphor in mind, would you rather your gallery feel "meh" or feel like a bold reflection of you? I personally would rather have the latter.

Now, this does not mean that I recommend making every element of your home flashy. There is a line between expressive and ostentatious, after all. I simply believe that you should anchor your design around a statement piece that you love, like a vibrant sofa or large format art print. If you love making a statement, here are some ideas to bring one to your space. Bear in mind, these can be paired together for greater effect.

Center Stage

The most obvious opportunity is to physically center the item in your room. Not only does this mimic a museum, but it can create easy conversation given movement will naturally flow around the object. Some examples:

  • Position artwork over a mantel or on a main wall

  • Place a decorative object or vase on a coffee or dining table (either standalone or with smaller accompaniments)

  • Float your sofa in your room for greater visual impact

Eclectic Goods - Statement Chair Inspiration

Color Pop

Another easy way to create an attention-getter is to pick a vivid color or pattern and let it stand out. I dream of doing this with a new sofa for our basement entertainment area once we refresh that room. Some other ideas:

  • Pick a main color and pair it with all neutrals or a more subdued complementary hue

  • Playfully mix a range of patterns (bold, geometric, subtle) throughout the room

  • Slightly different, but you can also choose an eclectic-shaped furnishing in lieu of a color pop

Eclectic Goods - Statement Sofa Inspiration Image

Light It Up

Another easy way to take a gallery approach in your home is to illuminate your statement pieces. This lets it literally shine, and can also create a feeling of opulence or grandeur. Some tips:

  • Mount a gallery bar sconce (like ours > here) over your artwork

  • Position an object under a chandelier, pendant, or other ceiling light source

  • Make your lighting the statement piece

Eclectic Goods - Statement Art Lighting Inspiration

Now that you have an idea on how to make a statement in your home design, now let's look at some pieces themselves! All of these would bring a ton of "wow factor" to your room. Click the product name to shop:

ECG Statement Piece Lookbook

Products: 1. Lena Cane Chair in Ebony 2. Moroccan Rug in Soft Pastels 3. Ella Sofa in Rose 4. Uni Pendant Light 5. Alejo Coffee Table 6. Handcrafted Wicker Mirror 7. Tremaine Sofa 8. Velvet Channel Back Bed in Goldenrod

Do you love making a statement or keeping it subtle? Let me know in the comments!

Image Credits: Center: Ottiu || Color: Doré || Light: SF Girl by Bay

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