5 Japandi Style Staples

If you've spent any time on Pinterest in the last year, then chances are you've come across the terms Japandi, Scandinese, or Japanordic. A fusion of Japanese aesthetic with Scandinavian designs, this style combination may seem unexpected, but actually makes a lot of sense. Japanese interiors prioritize curation and craftsmanship, while Scandinavian furnishings are sleek and utilitarian. This balance of superior form and function, all with a neutral and minimalist approach make for a dreamy look. It's no wonder so many people are trying to nail the trend. If you love Japandi style, then here are 5 principles to follow to make it happen in your home:

Warm It Up

The first essential to a Japandi space is adding some warmth. Though the designs tend to be more muted, they create a feeling of coziness by layering warm whites and creams. One easy starting point is choosing an ecru or oatmeal satin paint for your walls. This keeps the space feeling airy yet inviting, and is an affordable way to transition your room if you've historically stuck to true white or cool tones.

Into the Woods

I love the outdoors, which is probably a major reason why I love Japandi style. Both cultures celebrate and cultivate their relationship with nature, so it makes sense that they would bring earthy elements into interiors. No matter the room, adding natural wood pieces will help bring the style to life. Whether it be an oversized wooden coffee table or a DIY slat wall, you'll love the visual interest and richness it adds to your home.

Throw Some Shade

One of the key differences you may notice in this fusion concept compared to strictly Scandinavian is the use of contrast. Whereas Scandi homes stick to light palettes, Japandi isn't afraid to play with darks. I love the dramatic juxtaposition, especially with natural elements like black stone with white veining. Dash in a little moodiness throughout your room, but be sure to still stick to only a couple of core colors so it feels intentional.

A Little Green

Although houseplants have become incredibly popular, with many people channeling a jungalow vibe, Japandi style is quite the opposite. Instead of overloading a room with endless plants, stick to one or two focal choices and let them shine. I have compiled some of my favorite low-maintenance houseplants in a previous blog post (click here to read it), but you can also incorporate bamboo, pothos, or aralia to embrace a little greenery native to Japan.

Keep It Simple

This may be the most challenging for folks, but it is arguably the most important. Both concepts center around minimalism, with each piece being thoughtfully curated based on its quality and purpose. A minimalist approach doesn't mean that you can't bring visual interest to the space, it just means you should select everything with care. Opt for furnishings with hidden storage and comfortable seating, and accents that have sleek and understated appearances. When in doubt, less is more.

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Eclectic Goods Japandi Decor Lookbook

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Image Credits - Cover: Here || Woods: My Paradissi || Green: Style Lovely

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