How to Create Your Dream Sunroom

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When my husband and I searched for our first home in 2018, there were a lot of items on our wishlist. We wanted an open floor plan, ensuite master bathroom, decent sized yard, and lots of natural lighting. What we didn't include, but fortunately came upon with our home, was a sunroom! With it being on the south end of our home, we get abundant daylight all year round, which is key in a northern state like Minnesota.

Our sunroom quickly became one of our favorite rooms in our home. While it isn't enormous, it's the perfect size for us to have a little oasis. When we first moved in, we purchased two matching leather mid-century modern sofas from the previous owners, and immediately put them both into the sunroom to maximize the seating. After a few months, I realized that they were too large for the space. The flow simply wasn't right. By removing a bulky furnishing from the room, it feels much calmer, exactly as I hoped.

If you're lucky and have a sunroom too, but are struggling with how to style it, consider this: what purpose do you want it to serve? For my husband and me, we didn't envision hosting out there given the limited square footage. We saw it more as a place for us to curl up with a book or throw a record on. If you're also looking to create a little sanctuary, then here are my key recommendations:

Kick the Clutter

I know I mentioned it before, but limiting the quantity and size of the pieces you put in your sunroom can help it feel more serene. Sure, our original double sofa setup allowed for 4 people to sit in ours at once, but I can also think of maybe 2 instances when we did that. If you want your sunroom to be your haven, then don't overcrowd it.

Cart It Out

The best decision we made for our sunroom was repurposing our bar cart to be a new record stand. Our house has a built-in bar in the dining room, so instead of parting ways, I gave it a new function. We love posting up on weekend mornings, listening to a favorite album. Let's say you want your sunroom to also serve as a yoga space. Perfect! A cart can be your perfect station for storing blocks, straps, towels, and sensory items like incense or candles.

Pop Some Plants

What good with all that natural light be if you didn't use it to keep some plants thriving? Truly though, when I said kick the clutter, I will make an exception for green friends! I recently took the plunge and got a fiddle leaf fig tree, and so far he has been happiest in our sunroom. I also have a small terrarium with some succulents, and an aloe vera plant out there. With all the windows, it's easy to feel like you're outdoors, and the plants just help amplify that sensation further.

Here is a lookbook using our space as inspiration! Click the product names below to shop.

ECG Sunroom Lookbook


Classic Moroccan Rug No. 4 || Wesley Sofa in Rich Ebony || Byron Side Table/Nightstand || Andrew Bar Cart || Desi Semi Flushmount Light || Teak Hand-Carved Face Figure || Brass Infinity Knot Object || Unavailable Vintage Hemp Lumbar Pillow No. 2 

Have a sunroom of your own? What is your favorite thing in it? Let me know in the comments!

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