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As a millennial, I know my generation gets a bad rep. Perhaps it is a rite of passage for every generation to be looked down upon by their predecessors. Some of the criticism is warranted, but I also think some of it is silly. Millennials have inherited some pretty enormous challenges, including difficulties with buying houses. This life milestone seemed to be attainable to every generation before us, but it's an impossible achievement for many people due to staggering student loan debt and housing market inflation.

Although most millennials are renters, we're still paving the way with fresh interior design concepts. The latest look that is becoming more and more coveted: Grandmillennial.

What is Grandmillennial

This style was created by 20 and 30-somethings whose design taste is more aligned with their 80 or 90-something grandparents. While there is no shortage of modern elements in Grandmillennial designs, they also play with traditional lines and materials. One of the reasons this aesthetic has become so popular with millennials is because it embraces thrifting and hand-me-downs. Not only is buying secondhand better for the environment, it can also be far more affordable.

How It's Different

The biggest way this concept is different from its outdated counterpart is that it still centers around a more neutral, crisp palette. While early 20th Century rooms felt visually heavy with dark and bulky materials, Grandmillennial still maintains the lighter feel we've grown accustomed to in contemporary interiors. After all, most people in this age range live with a small footprint, so the last thing they need is an overly-crowded space.

What to Look For

If you adore pieces fit for your grandma's house, then play around with this style. Grandmillennial loves cane and rattan, hints of toile and chinoiserie, wallpaper and frills. It boldly rejects the minimalist craze that can feel generic or stark. Instead, it aims to bring a home to life with character and subtle nostalgia. Some other popular elements:

  • Antique paintings

  • Porcelain and china

  • Embroidered linens

  • Vintage brass objects

  • Bright, layered prints

  • Tufted and trimmed upholstery

Check out all of these charming inspo shots:

Grandmillennial Inspiration

Shop the Look

Click the product name below our lookbook to shop the pieces.

Eclectic Goods Grandmillennial Inspiration Product Lookbook

Products: 1. Dani Rattan Chair 2. Shadowbox End Table 3. Vintage Herbarium Framed Linen Set of Two 4. Regency Dining Chair in Natural and Black 5. Maxx Swivel Chair in Jade Velvet 6. Petite Scapes - Lake Albano and Castle Gandolfo Art 7. Ansley Table Lamp 8. Max Sofa in Gray 9. Ceramic Indigo Vase 10. Botanical Framed Art Set of Four 11. Medallion Fringe Throw in Light Gray 12. Marble Side Table in Gray and Blush 13. Loren Area Rug in Red and Blue 14. Emery Tasseled Area Rug in Sunset

Do you love this look with hints of granny chic, or are you all about the modern look? Let me know in the comments what you think!

Image Credits: The Makerista

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