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I'm going to start this post off with a confession: I've been feeling deeply uninspired lately.

Normally I love to create, but this last year has definitely taken a toll on my energy. I think most of it is due to us being pretty cooped up since last March. Pre-pandemic, I was always experimenting with something - paint techniques for art, clothing styles, fresh home accents. You name it. Now, it can often feel like there is no point; I don't see many people right now, so why put in the effort?

It's this same logic that kept all of us in the same pajamas or the "Zoom uniform" of a blouse with sweatpants for days on end. I don't know about you, but I'm so ready to shake this ho-hum feeling and begin to embrace some normalcy again.

I Dream of Gatsby

Okay, now for my second confession: I wish I could have experienced the Roaring 20s. There is something about that era that seems so fabulous that I can't help but daydream about donning a flapper dress and jeweled hairpiece. I secretly hope that the 2020s take a page out of the previous century's book (without the economic collapse). After now experiencing a pandemic, I fully understand why people came out of Spanish Influenza and went all out for 10 years.

Although I am not a "glam" person, my love for the Gatsby-era makes me swoon over the look. I adore some sparkle, lush fabrics, ornate details, and bold brass. While I don't see most styles from the 1920s finding their way into this decade, I would love it if glam made waves.

Pretty Little Lookbook

One home that nails the modern glam look is that of Pretty Little Liar actress Shay Mitchell. Her LA abode packs plenty of drama with moody black and white contrasts, velvet and leather furnishings, plus feminine hues throughout. Although all of the rooms had elements I loved, the space I was drawn to most was her bedroom. It's luxurious yet livable, and to be honest that is all I want right now.

I couldn't help but recreate her dreamland into a lookbook for anyone else craving some glam vibes. Click the product name to shop:

ECG Shay Mitchell Glam Bedroom Lookbook

Products: 1. Leaning Floor Mirror 2. Anastasia Area Rug in Light Blue 3. Zara Pendant Light 4. Mid-Century Wall Sconce 5. Gabby Tufted Bed in White Velvet 6. Carlisle Nightstand 7. Briella Pillow - Set of Two 8. Velvet Pillow in Plum 9. Indigo Batik Extra Long Lumbar Pillow 10. Sled Bench in White 11. Hailey Vase

A round of applause to Consort Design for creating such a beautiful home for Shay!

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