Refreshed Farmhouse

If you're a design enthusiast, then you know the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic. Shiplap, barn-style lighting, eucalyptus sprigs, neutral pillows. You know the drill. This craze took off faster than you can say HGTV, thanks to the ever-so-talented Joanna Gaines, but is starting to lose steam. Like all design trends, once it is completely mainstream it starts to lose its luster.

The great news though: modern farmhouse is easy to transition, since it centers around a neutral palette and contemporary lines. This is much easier than say, shabby chic, which plays far more into Victorian designs. If you're ready to update your classic Fixer Upper look, then here are some ideas to start:

Play with Color

Modern farmhouse was all about the creams, whites, and beiges, so an easy way to zhuzh up your space is by bringing in some pops of color. I personally think I will always be a more neutral gal, maybe because my personality is more high-energy, so I like my environment to be balanced. That being said, blues or slightly muted tones are a perfect transition back into vibrancy. I love the cover image and corresponding lookbook because it starts to weave in various colors, without too much boldness.

Swap the Lighting

Updating lamps or ceiling fixtures is an impactful way to quickly shake up an entire room. If you opted for a wagon chandelier or barn lighting, try mixing in a different style like this 9-globe Orbit Chandelier. By centering a mid-century contemporary piece, for example, it disrupts the blanketed farmhouse look. Another great option is to balance the slightly rustic look with a subtly glam fixture.

Mix the Art

When I think of the quintessential modern farmhouse style, I think of reclaimed wood clocks, iron mirrors suspended with rope, or a print with any type of cattle on it. If this reminds you of your space, you can easily rehome these items to make room for a less stagnant print. I think abstracts are a great way to shake things up, but this landscape painting is also a great option since it brings in some new hues.

Get The Look

Want more variety to your Fixer Upper form? Shop the lookbook by clicking the product name!



ECG Refreshed Farmhouse Lookbook

Products: Sahara Rug in Mediterranean | Harris Modular Sectional in Oatmeal | Drake Coffee Table | Parker Leather Sling Chair | Martini Side Table No. 1 | Back to Base Camp 6 Art Print by Karin Bos | Orbit Chandelier | Hailey Vessel/Planter |

Are you still feeling the farmhouse vibe, or craving something entirely new? Let us know in the comments!

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