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We're currently experiencing a heat index advisory in Minnesota, so needless to say, summer is here. I love this season and all that it brings. I can't get enough time outdoors, on the lake, and longer days, but this one is even sweeter. Although we got to see family and friends outside last year, we feel so much more confident to get together now that we're vaccinated and cases are low. I truly don't think I've been this excited for summer since college. You know, when it meant a break from studying, classes, and exorbitant textbook costs.

So Much New

With all my pent up energy for this new season and progress fighting the pandemic, I decided I would channel the excitement by highlighting my favorite new additions in our shop. Maybe it's because it feels like we're entering a new chapter, so the theme seems representative of that, or maybe I'm just smitten with so many items! The team has done a phenomenal job curating beautiful, fresh pieces for your interior and exterior alike. I already put together a roundup of my summer patio picks, so I'm going to stick to indoors for this go.

Looks I Love

Without further ado, here are my summer crushes! Click the product name to shop.

  1. Jordan 6-Drawer Dresser: the float effect and elongated handles are both so cool to me.

  2. Dona Wall Sconce: I've been swooning over sconces a lot lately as is, and this one takes it another level. It's subtle yet bold all at once.

  3. Howard Nightstand: such a unique design with a fusion of Scandi and industrial vibes

  4. Calva Rug: minimalist pattern with a touch of whimsical interest from the tassels

  5. Nagaland Throw in Earth Tones: the colors remind me of a desert vista, and I can't get enough.

  6. Augustine Ottoman: the channeling and oversized scale (36").

  7. Tremaine Sofa: caning and curves? Yes, please!

  8. Dylan Chaise in Sapphire Olive: this gorgeous seating option feels like it's been transported from another century, but in the best way.

Eclectic Goods Summer Favorites Lookbook

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