3 Go-To Entryway Looks

It is no surprise that people have taken advantage of the time spent at home to complete house projects. I personally updated our sunroom, and have family and friends who knocked out major remodels. Although it seems like most people are prioritizing the rooms that they use most frequently, it is also a great chance to refresh areas that your guests will use. After all, we will reach a day when hosting is a normal occurrence (I cannot wait)! One area to consider is your entryway.

Entryway Wow

Unless you have a front porch, your entryway is the first opportunity to show off your style to anyone who visits. It sets the stage for the rest of your home, but can also be a great functional space, too. For example, a bench can be a nice option for older or younger guests to sit while putting their shoes on. A cabinet can be a great hiding spot for umbrellas, winter accessories, or dog walk gear. When dreaming up options for this area, don't forget to nail the "wow factor" while also making the space work for you.

Eclectic Goods Entryway Design and Styling Lookbooks

My Go-To Looks

Since the stakes may seem high, being the first impression for a home, many people feel stuck when choosing a design for their entryway. If you feel this way, too, have no fear! I've compiled some of my foolproof options:

  • Walls

    • Large format art print: make a bold statement with a single piece

    • Gallery wall: show off a range of art or photography, plus keeps it playful

    • Mirror: keeps the space feeling open, plus allows you and guests to fix themselves upon entry or departure

  • Furniture

    • Console table: great for smaller spaces, while still allowing for accents/storage

    • Bench: let's people have a seat while coming and going, plus some pieces have storage

    • Shelving unit or cabinet: ideal for showing off your style while stashing odds and ends

  • Rugs

    • Modern: clean lines keep the room feeling perfectly "now"

    • Moroccan: boho touch, but be careful of pile so it isn't a nightmare to clean

    • Traditional: making a huge comeback and ultra-practical since the patterns hide wear and tear well

Mix and Match

Although that may seem like a lot of decisions to make, you truly can't go wrong! Each option can easily be combined with another to create your dream entryway. If you don't believe me, then see here for yourself.

Click the product name below to shop:

  1. Walls

    1. Teal Umbrellas Art, Holly Art Light in White and Aged Brass

    2. Lush River Framed Art, Indigo In Motion I Art, Cactus Color Block Art, Abstract Stripes Framed Art

    3. Sadie Mirror

  2. Furnishings

    1. Rutherford Console Table in Ashen Brown

    2. Gwen Bench in Light Gray

    3. Consuela Teak Console

  3. Rugs

    1. Sahara Rug in Midnight

    2. Deja Rug in Ivory

    3. Annabelle Rug in Berry

  4. Accessories

    1. Bronze Knot Decorative Object, Hailey Vase

    2. Indigo Batik Print Pillow

    3. Laurel Decorative Wooden Bowl, African Recycled Glass Beads in Aqua, Katonah Accent Lamp, Hailey Vase, Brass Bookends

Is there a look you love, or would you mix and match? Let me know your favorite in the comments!

Cover Image Credit: Camille Styles

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