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Earth Day is this Thursday, April 22nd this year, which is coming up quickly. I love using the holiday as an excuse to honor the planet, whether it be by donating to environmental causes, planting my garden and flower beds, or cleaning up trash at nearby parks. Although I highly encourage you to do all those things, it is also a great excuse to bring some houseplants into your abode!

Caring for houseplants can be intimidating. If you lead a busy lifestyle, it may feel like a recipe for disaster to have to remember a watering cycle. If you don't get a lot of natural lighting, it can be tricky to find a spot for a plant to thrive. Have no fear. I'm a reformed serial plant killer, and I'm here to help. The biophilic benefits of houseplants are well worth honing the skill.

My Favorite Houseplants

I have successfully cared for each of these plants for over 3 years, so I feel pretty confident with the recommendations. Again, I have killed dozens of houseplants, so the fact that these are thriving is as much a testament to their durability as it is to my skill improvement.

Peace Lily - Eclectic Goods

‘Sensation’ Peace Lily

  • This one is my jam. I was terrified the first time that I came home and found him drooped, thinking another one bit the dust. Sure enough, I gave him a fresh watering and he perked right back up within hours. I can read him like a book, and it’s so refreshing to know exactly what he needs.

  • Care Instructions < click

  • My Placement - currently in a corner next to our patio door. It’s east-facing, so it gets some indirect light in the mornings, but never bright or direct.

Snake Plant - Eclectic Goods

Snake Plant

  • No joke, I forgot about this dude for two months at the desk in my coworking space due to our honeymoon and then the holidays... And he’s still going strong. Low light, chill. As much as I hate the name (terrified of snakes), I can’t get enough of this easy-going option. Because of the spiky look, it is recommended that you keep these plants near entryways according to Feng Shui principles.

  • Care Instructions < click

  • My Placement - currently on a console table ~15 feet from a south facing window and he's growing new leaves

ZZ Plant - Eclectic Goods

ZZ Plant

  • I love that this has height but with a softer look than the Snake Plant. This plant is perfect for a bedroom dresser or in a footed planter next to a media console or dresser.

  • Care Instructions < click

  • My Placement - currently in a footed planter ~10 feet from a south-facing window

Rubber Plant - Eclectic Goods

Rubber Plant

  • I started with a failed attempt with a smaller rubber plant, but was determined to figure it out because it’s probably my favorite look besides a Prayer Plant. Leave it to me to be impractical: I decided to get an even bigger one for my second attempt. Somehow, tweaking the location and focusing on not over-watering has allowed my current large to survive 2 years, and I was so psyched that I bought a second smaller one.

  • Care Instructions < click

  • My Placement - currently on our fireplace hearth near our front door with a west-facing window

Style Them Up

Now that you've got a few low-maintenance plant options, it's time to give them a pretty home! Click the product name below the lookbook to shop our vases, planters, and pots.

ECG Earth Day - Indoor Houseplant Pots and Planters Lookbook

Products: 1. Mudcloth Planter No. 11 || 2. Hailey Vase || 3. Ceramic Vase in Indigo || 4. Cane Planter in Black || 5. Set of 2 Ceramic Wall Planters || 6. Set of 3 Dip-Dyed Terracotta Planters || 7. Geo Concrete Planter

Image Credits: Cover - Pinterest || 1st Image: Modern House Vibes || Plant Images: Ansel & Ivy and The Sill

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