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Eclectic Goods - Blue Color Pop Inspiration

When it comes to colorways, I tend to stay very neutral. Perhaps it is my high-energy personality, but I always gravitate towards soothing swaths of ivories, grays, and beiges in my home and wardrobe. Even though this look has been trendy as of late, I've carried this preference for a decade now, so I am confident my personal preference is here to stay. The exception I make, however, is with color pops. I do think adding dashes of vibrancy brings fun energy to design, and often weave in my favorite color: blue.

Feeling Blue

Not only is blue a beautiful color, it also has physiological benefits. It lower your heart rate, allowing you to feel more relaxed. This is why it is often associated with serenity and tranquility. Since I like to create a soothing environment in my home, blues feel like the perfect way to add some visual interest while maintaining an overall calm energy. The tones I'm most drawn to are sapphire, turquoise, and cobalt. They captivate your attention and bring a quality of elegance.

Eclectic Goods - Blue Color Pop Inspiration Image

Shop The Hue

The Eclectic Goods shop has plenty of beautiful blue furnishings and accents to bring this hue to life in your home. Click the product name below the image to shop!

Products: 1. Bardia Area Rug 2. Modern Plaid Chair 3. Libby Table Lamp 4. Al Fresco Outdoor Pillow in Aqua 5. Marlow Wingback Chair in Peacock 6. Clara Table Lamp 7. African Recycled Glass Beads in Deep Blue 8. Velvet Tufted Bed in Navy 9. Pastel Beach View Print II 10. Hamlin Throw Blanket 11. Loren Over-Dyed Rug in Aqua

Image Credits: Jenkins Interiors || Style by Emily Henderson captured by Tessa Neustadt

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