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My kitchen is the heart of my home. I love spending time in there prepping weekday meals, making my morning coffee, or cooking up dinner for friends. While it is nearly perfect, it doesn't have much space for seating. We have an open floor plan, so our kitchen flows directly into the living room. Though the u-shaped counter fits three stools, it would be nice to have additional seating that is more casual than our "formal" dining room. To put it plainly, I wish we had a breakfast nook.

Breakfast Nook Benefits

These charming little alcoves became a mainstay in homes starting in the 1920s. Their originally advertised benefits are laced with gender-stereotypes, but they still remain undoubtedly practical. Not only do breakfast nooks provide a casual spot to dine, they also create a feeling of connectedness, and allow for extra storage, if desired. It's no wonder they've been making a major comeback in recent years.

Design Tips & Tricks

If you're looking to add a breakfast nook to your home, be sure to consider these factors for the design.

  • Storage

    • Don't miss the opportunity to maximize storage. Breakfast nooks almost always have benches, so consider making them hidden cabinets or drawers. It may cost additional money to build, but you'll appreciate having the dual-purpose area.

  • Shape

    • If you are limited on space, be sure to choose a round or oval table for easier mobility. Corners can make it harder to navigate around, plus the sharp lines can make it look more cramped than it is.

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  • Comfort

    • Keep things cozy by cushioning one of the seating options and adding throw pillows. Not only will this make for a soft spot to enjoy a meal, but it also allows you bring in your personal style.

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  • Chairs

    • Similar to the table shape, be sure to think through your chair choice. If you a tighter footprint, then armless chairs or a sleek bench are the best way to go. When in doubt, it should be easy to for people to get up without bumping into someone or needing them to move.

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  • Lighting

    • In an ideal layout, you'd be able to position a chic light fixture directly above the table, but don't worry if that's not possible. Sconces are another great way to illuminate the area.

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ECG Breakfast Nook - Room For Tuesday

Image Credits - Cover: Studio Alyse 1. House of Nomad Design 2. Shannon Wilkins via Rue Mag 3. Emily Henderson

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