Boho Kids Rooms: 6 Simple Design Tips

Boho style has made a mark in interior design. Relaxed, colorful and naturally influenced, it’s a perfect choice for decorating kids' rooms too. It’s eclectic nature allows for flexibility and playfulness. The following tips are helpful in creating boho style kids' rooms (or any room, at that!).

1. Use a vintage rug

Having a soft underfoot in a kid's room is key in creating comfort, warmth, and noise insulation. The colors and patterns of vintage rugs make them a wonderful choice for children’s spaces.

A beautiful Persian rug with rich colors is a great accent piece in mostly neutral space. Here wood and natural fibers tone down a normally energetic space offering kids a calming atmosphere.

This Moroccan shag rug not only introduces color but is also a forgiving selection for boho kids' rooms capable of hiding stains and dirt.

2. Encourage playful walls

Boho style makes the most of walls through varied decor options like art, paint, or wallpaper. In a kid's room, wall coverings like geometric decals or an ornate forest scene give the design a playfulness and whimsy.

If painting or covering a whole wall is too much of a design commitment, hanging wall art gives an opportunity for versatility. Bunting or a wall to wall wire for hanging kid-made art give a bedroom or playroom pops of color and interest. There are also many options now for temporary wallpaper as shared in this Apartment Therapy article that can be removed when outgrown for something new.

3. Have poufs + pillows

Soft furnishings like pillows and poufs are nice touches in kids' rooms. For a boho vibe go for Turkish, indigo, or mud cloth patterns in pillows. Global textiles introduce interest inspiring kids' interest in learning about other places in the world.

Poufs are a great seating options for children. Placed under an art table, they can be be space savers pulled out when needed. Next to the bed, they make for a place for parents to share a night time story.

4. Embrace color + pattern

While not a hard rule, color and pattern is typically applauded in boho kids' rooms. Take your child’s favorite color and it layer with complimentary hues for visual balance. Hot pink? Pull in some cooling turquoise accents. Navy blue a must have? Sprinkle some orange tones here and there. Multi colored duvets or rugs make it easy with an all encompassing color palette.

Pattern comes in all shapes and sizes; introduce a few via art prints, bedding, and decor like planters. Celestial shapes such as stars and planets are perfect for the sky dazing child while general shapes work in all occasions.

5. Create quiet nooks

Kids like their own hideaways to read, imagine, and play. A canvas tent is a good place for this. Padded with a faux sheepskin rug and illuminated with a string of lights it would be a boho kid's room sanctuary.

Alternately, hanging a canopy of sorts along your child’s bed or a rattan swinging chair in the corner offers a special space that stands out.

6. Add elements of nature

Kids are attuned to nature whether it’s having a curiosity for animals and insects or finding joy in natural surroundings like the forest and beach. Adding natural elements to a kid's room interior design both inspires and comforts.

One simple way to introduce nature into a space is through plants themselves. Planted in fun pots or hanging from the ceiling, plants offer a refreshing aspect to a design.

Other elements can be shared in the form of a crystal, rock, or shell collection. Photography of animals in the wild or a vase full of interesting feathers all relate to a boho appreciation for nature’s own design.


Excited to start your kid’s boho style room? Here are some of our favorite items that will help you get started.

1. Rattan swing chair

2. Kisumu rug

3. Summer series wall hanging

4. Moroccan pouf sunshine

5. Hanging planter

Blog post collaboration by owner of THE GOOD ABODE, Christine Martin. Get your boho kids room started today with Christine’s design help. Just drop her a message and be sure to use promo code: EGBOHOKIDS for a discounted interior design!

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