4 Ideas to Transition Your Home for Autumn

I'm not sure about you, but this summer flew by for me. I remember looking at our summer plans back in May and thinking it would feel slow without weddings, vacations, or other big events. Boy, was I wrong! With today being the first day of fall, it feels like I blinked through August. While I am sad to say farewell to my favorite season, there is a lot I am looking forward to with autumn.

I'm a sucker for the colors of autumn, and love to take walks outside to see the leaves changing. The crispness in the air, decadent harvest ingredients for meals, and layered outfits don't hurt either. As with many other elements of your life, seasonal shifts often inspire you to want to refresh your home. Here are my tips:

Autumn Transition Inspiration Cover - Rich Bedding


Bring the vibrancy and warmth of the outdoors into your space. I love adding some rich terracotta, gold, or rust tones. While you can certainly play around with these hues any time of year, they feel most perfect during autumn. It's obviously easiest to swap out smaller home goods like pillows or throws, but another fun option is your lighting. I am smitten with the tassel pendants in the lookbook, and love how they immediately transform a very neutral room.



Just as fall brings more articles of clothing, it is also the perfect time to add some extra textiles for warmth. If you sleep cold, consider swapping out your sheets or bedding for thicker fabrics. Another easy alternative is to add a chunky throw to the end of your bed to cozy up with at night. Better yet, grab one in a warm tone to heat up your body and your design palette.

Autumn Transition Inspiration Cover - Burn Candles


Autumn is the ideal time of year to stock up on candles. Not only can they bring beautiful scents to your home, but they are also a great way to save energy as the days get shorter. Also, could there be anything better than cozying up with a blanket on a brisk fall night with only candlelight as a soft glow? It's a vibe.



As the days get cooler, I also look to change up the fabrics that I use. In summer, I'm all about linens and other lightweight textiles, but as we shift into October and look ahead to winter, I crave lush, soft fabrics. Again, you can easily use these materials at all times of year, but I decided to play around with some heartier fabrics in the lookbook. The pendant lights and accent chair are velvet, and the throw pillows and rug are wool. What a dreamy scene, right?


To shop the autumn-inspired lookbook, click the product name below the image!

Products: Rotunda Chair in Stone | Marble Side Table in Black | Tassel Pendant Light in Brick | Byron End Table | Allegra Bed | Jumbo Wool Pillow in Cream | Vintage Hemp Lumbar Pillow No. 2 | Stripe Throw in Burnt Orange | Leana Hand-Knotted Wool Moroccan Rug | Abigale Mirror | Infinity Knot Brass Object | Caspian 6-Drawer Dresser

What are your favorite things about fall? Let me know in the comments!


Image Credits: Cover - Bed Threads | Richen - The Citizenry | Layer - Magin Linen | Burn - Nisolo | Soften - Elle Decor|

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