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I find it hard to believe that it's already October. Here I was, enjoying the beach and then I blinked and it was fall. Although summer is my favorite season, there is a lot to love about this time of year. The crisp air, layered outfits, harvest produce, warm lattes, football games. The thing I appreciate most about autumn though is the colors. Here in Minneapolis, the entire city comes alive with fiery reds, vivid oranges, and sunny yellows. The warm tones juxtaposed with cooler temps is entirely dreamy, and it always helps ease the pain knowing that winter is ahead.

Autumn Color Crush

Okay, enough of me putting a damper on the mood talking about winter. Back to fall. I'm normally a cool-tone gal, but I may be changing my ways. Autumn serves as a reminder of how stunning the other side of the color wheel can be, and there are a couple of colors in particular that I can't get enough of: terracotta, mustard, and clay. They are all so rich and inviting that seeing them in any space makes me just want to cozy up.

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ECG Fall Colors Inspiration Lookbook

Products || Furniture: 1. Hanover Swivel Chair in Rust 2. Monza Dining Chair in Camel 3. Harlow Velvet Accent Chair in Dark Terracotta || Throws: 1. Colorblock Throw in Goldenrod 2. Nagaland Throw in Earth Tones 3. Stripe Throw in Burnt Orange || Wall Art: 1. Terracotta Body Abstract 2. Hallway I Print 3. Botanical Print || Rugs: 1. Loren Rug in Eggplant 2. Layla Rug in Spice 3. Enfield Rug in Gold || Lighting: 1. Huxley Oversized Rattan Drum Pendant Light 2. Palm Leaf Table Lamp in Antique Brass 3. Tassel Pendant Light in Brick  || Pillows: 1. Vishnu Stripe Pillow Set 2. Kabela Pillow in Terracotta 3. Bourdelle Lumbar Pillow in Goldenrod

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