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I absolutely love interior design. Creating a space that feels unique and interesting is deeply satisfying. The best part, though, is then getting to enjoy it. There is nothing better than feeling both content and inspired in a space, and while all design elements are important, I think decorative accents really bring a room to life. Functional pieces like furniture and lighting are important, but the little details and decorations are like magic dust.

Details, Details, Details

When it comes to accents, you can take two approaches: maximalism or minimalism. I gravitate towards the latter, but it all comes down to preference. If you're someone who loves to pack a ton of character into a space, then decorative accents are a great outlet to unleash that creativity. I would recommend still being intentional about displaying them. Stick to a few areas like a bookshelf and coffee table, then keep the other surfaces simpler. You want a room to look expressive but not cluttered.

If you're like me and prefer subtlety, accents are still the a necessity. I would recommend focusing on scale, opting for a single larger piece instead of a mix of smaller objects. The other way to maintain a minimalist look and feel is aligning the colorways of your decor. Whether you have a colorful or a neutral palette, keep that consistency going with your accents to help it feel perfectly cohesive.

Fresh Accents

Denise and the Eclectic Goods team have curated a range of accents to add those special touches to your home. I absolutely love the luxurious materials utilized - from marble to foreign woods. These details will really elevate a design, adding lots of interest and sophistication. Want to bring some fun pieces into your home? Click the product name below the image to shop some of my personal favorites.

ECG All About the Details Lookbook

Products (from top left to right): Lotus Bowl || Emundo Box in Tumbled Rust || Found Decorative Bowls || Sandstone U Sculpture || Rosette Taper Candlesticks in Ebony || Ozur Brass Hexagon Wall Planter || Madero Wooden Vase || Kanto Footed Bowls - Set of Two || Tadeo Square Tray || Petrified Wooden Balls - Set of Three || Fray Bowl in Red Dune Marble || Marble Chain Object

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