8 Airbnbs We'd Like to Move Into

I don't know about you, but I am getting extremely excited to travel again. It was obviously the right thing to bar international movement during the pandemic, but that only made my wanderlust stronger. As someone with a goal to visit one new international destination per year, 2020 was not good to me. Now that I have my vaccination, I'm optimistic by the news that many countries are planning to reopen to Americans soon! The EU signaled in May that they would reopen over the summer, and many other nations have been following suit. Although it still feels uncertain, it appears that we may finally have the opportunity to safely travel overseas again. Be right back as I take a happy dance break.

Locale Love

While there are many variables I consider with my travel lodging, the primary factor that tips the scale is location. I would rather be in a charming neighborhood, near water, or close to key sites than to have more upscale accommodation. Thankfully, Airbnb can be a tremendous resource for finding awesome spaces in the best areas. My husband and I primarily stay in Airbnbs when we travel, and have only ever had positive experiences abroad. The only negative experiences I've had, oddly enough, have been in the States. Because of the fact that I've had over 20 positive stays, I feel confident in recommending it, but definitely read reviews for each place.


I know that I said I prioritize location, but that doesn't mean I want to skimp on style! We spend most of our time on vacation out of the Airbnbs, but I certainly want to enjoy our time spent. As a decor-buff, I thoroughly enjoy getting to see how other people bring their home's character to life through artwork, furnishings, and accents. Not only is it a great source for inspiration within my own home, but it's also a way to learn more about local culture and traditions.

5-Star Style

Now that I'm fully down the wanderlust rabbit-hole, I couldn't help but round up some of the dreamiest Airbnbs across the globe. These really nail the "wow" factor for me, ranging from some eclectic and some modern designs, and now I want to move in (fine, I'd settle for a visit). Please tackle a seat, stow your personal items under the seat in front of you, buckle up, and enjoy this journey with me!

Amsterdam Airbnb - Eclectic Goods

Stop 1: Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • What I love: the pops of color throughout the main living space; it seems like the person must be an artist for how well curated everything feels

  • Rating: 4.73 stars

  • Click here to view

Lisbon Airbnb - Eclectic Goods

Stop 2: Lisbon, Portugal

  • What I love: balances character with calm - the gallery wall is fantastic with its wrap-effect around the corner, and I love the playful wallpaper in the bedroom

  • Rating: 4.94 stars

  • Click here to view 

Marrakech Airbnb - Eclectic Goods

Stop 3: Marrakech, Morocco

  • What I love: literally everything. Sifting through the photos, I was smitten with the neutral palette, but then about drooled on my keyboard when I saw that stunning goldenrod velvet sofa. Mic drop for the color pop.

  • Rating: 4.88 stars

  • Click here to view

South Africa Airbnb - Eclectic Goods

South Africa Entry Airbnb - Eclectic Goods

Stop 4: Cape Town, South Africa

  • What I love: the soft tones paired with the rich, wooden ceiling beams

  • Rating: 4.86 stars

  • Click here to view

Stop 5: Bali, Indonesia

  • What I love: how quintessentially Balinese it feels. From the canopy bed to the lush floor pillows, it feels like a true oasis.

  • Rating: 4.93 stars

  • Click here to view

Stop 6: Hamilton, New Zealand

  • What I love: of all the Airbnbs I'm highlighting, this one felt like the most reflective of what I aspire for my home to look like. I wish I was that effortlessly cool.

  • Rating: 4.99 stars

  • Click here to view

Stop 7: Santiago, Chile

  • What I love: The entire living room look is perfection, if you ask me. I would give a LOT of frequent flyer miles for those rugs and black leather accent chairs.

  • Rating: 5.0 stars

  • Click here to view

Stop 8: Tulum, Mexico

  • What I love: the pops of color feel representative of the vibrancy of Mexican culture. I also am so impressed with their ability to turn a tiny bedroom into such an inviting space.

  • Rating: 4.88 stars

  • Click here to view

Thank you for joining me on this world tour! I hope it gave you both some travel and design inspiration. Be sure to check out the Eclectic Goods shop to see the newest arrivals inspired by international trends and artistry.

Bon voyage!

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