Addicted to the Chaise

Some call it a chaise, others a fainting couch, but regardless of the name these furnishings are dreamy. I don't know what it is about them, but I have always wanted a chaise lounge. Perhaps it's the contour lines that invite you in for an afternoon nap, or the regal touch it brings to a room. Either way, I have been crushing on these stylish chairs for some time and am brainstorming ways to finally incorporate one into my home.

History of the Chaise Lounge

Though chaises have been traced back to Ancient Egypt, the modern chaise as we know it was popularized in 16th Century France. Literally translating to "long chair," they were designed as an alternative for aristocrats to rest without needing to retire to their bedrooms. Furniture craftsmen would use rare and lavish materials, ultimately making them a symbol for the elite.

Famous Types

  • Duchesse brisée: comprised of either a chair and a long footstool, or two chairs with a footstool in between them

  • Récamier: named after a French society hostess, Madame Récamier who famously posed on this style for Jacques-Louis David's portrait in 1800. It has two raised ends, and nothing on the long sides

  • Méridienne: typically has a higher headrest, low footrest, and a sloping piece on one side

  • Tête-à-tête: translating to "face to face," this style has an S-shape to encourage sitters to converse with one another

Shop Chaises

If you've been looking for a chaise lounge, then the chase is over. Eclectic Goods has a variety in stock and they are all gorgeous. Here are my favorites:

Eclectic Goods Chaise Lounge Chair Lookbook

Click the product name to shop: 1. Marina - shown in Natural Rattan | 2. Paige - Outdoor in Brushed Grey | 3. Bettie - shown in Leon Navy | 4. Tremaine | 5. Palermo - shown in Cream | 6. Lanna | 7. Kinta Outdoor - shown in Faye Ash 8. Brady Tête-à-Tête in Vail Silver

Do you love the look as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

Cover Image Credit: Emily Henderson

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