7 Interior Design Trends to Fall For

Yep, that’s right, it’s time to fold up the beach blankets and tuck away the tropical accent pillows. Shorter days and cooling temperatures give us all the more reason to cozy up indoors. What better way to welcome fall than incorporating some interior design trends of the season? Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Flea Market Finds

One-of-a-kind pieces are a sure way to refresh a space with character and style. Spend enough time at flea markets, estate or garage sales and you'll likely discover a unique gem.

Repurpose an old lamp using the base and adding a new shade. Swap out decor accents on your bookshelf or coffee table with ones found at your local or online flea. This interior design trend is both a fun and affordable option to change things up.

2. Global Patterns

A little global flair goes a long way in a room. Patterns from far off places invite not only color and texture but a richness in design scheme. Mud cloth from Africa, indigo from Thailand, vintage carpets from Turkey; the geometric lines and forms of these textiles layer wonderfully with furniture pieces of solid colors.

Bold and bright or muted and neutral, global patterns are definitely seen trending more and more. Pieces in warm tones of rust and burgundy are particularly suitable for creating cozy and inviting spaces this fall.

3. Outdoor Spaces

Not ready to put away the patio furniture just yet? Prolonging outdoor living throughout the fall season is possible with a few tricks. Having a deep seating patio set is a great place to start. These provide more curling up possibilities. Regardless, having several knitted throws and soft pillows offer additional warmth that are great for outdoor dining and lounging.

Bring the fall theme along further with plaid patterns and faux furs. And let's not forget lighting! String up lights, add candle lanterns and if budget allows, invest in a fire pit for hand warming.

4. Tech Free Sanctuaries

Cooler days encourage a desire to find comfy areas in our home to rest and relax. It's not exactly hibernation, but there are ways to slow down. Creating tech free sanctuaries is one fall interior design trend that helps replenish the body and mind. A corner reading nook, the bedroom, or even an indoor hammock are great areas to get offline and enjoy a book, music, or afternoon nap.

Wherever your tech free sanctuary is, be sure to include soft furnishings like a shag rug and warm blanket.

5. Velvet Textures

Typically associated with glamorous and sophisticated interiors, velvet is being used in more versatile ways. Paired with cotton, it's elegant sheen defines texture in a space without overstating. This interior design trend is perfect for fall since velvet translates colors with depth and certain warmth.

Experiment with a few velvet accent pillows on the bed or sofa. For larger furniture pieces, incorporate this texture with other fabrics like interesting global patterns. Together a beautiful eclectic look is achieved!

6. Eclectic Dining Area

Gone are the days for matching plates or even chairs in dining nooks or rooms. These areas are taking on an air of playfulness with eclectic styles to lean on. By mixing colors, patterns, and finishes, energy is injected into a space where people tend to gather.

Experiment with accessories like varying candlesticks or vases. Mix up seating options with chairs of different styles and a bench dressed in fun printed upholstery or several accent pillows.

7. Matte Decor Accents

If white walls were a summer trend, black is making a place for itself through matte decor accents. We are seeing more and more examples of this in hardware, lighting and furniture.

Where brass finishes had the spotlight in kitchens and bathrooms, black matte tones down metallic options with its slick subtle appearance. The Daily Dream Decor offers more guidance on these beautifully modern hardware selections.

Blog post collaboration by owner of THE GOOD ABODE, Christine Martin.

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