7 Gifts to Spoil Your Mom This Mother's Day

Spring is flying by so far and we're only a month away from Mother's Day! Reflecting on this past year, I look back on how many times I called my mom to decompress, vent, brainstorm, laugh, cry - everything. She is such a rock of stability and comfort for me, and I want to make this year extra special given we weren't able to get together as often in the pandemic.

Although Mother's Day is a great excuse to shower your mom with presents, I also think most moms are probably just craving some quality time with their kids. If you can safely get together with your mom, definitely consider coordinating an activity to do together to make up for lost time. I love gifting in this way because it strikes the perfect balance between something they can use and something they can experience; truly the best of both worlds!

Here is my roundup of thoughtful gifts to shower your mom with love this Mother's Day. Click the italicized product name to shop the goods!

Eclectic Goods Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021

1. The Gardener

  • Gift: Planter and greenhouse visit

  • Plants are a great gift, but you can make it even more meaningful by scheduling a date to go to a greenhouse together. Not only will she think of you each time she tends to the new greenery, but it will also give you two the chance to spend some quality time together.

2. The Bookworm

  • Gift: Bookends and Book of the Month Club

  • Help her discovery new authors with a Book of the Month Club. If you love to read, you could get the same subscription and read them together for a mother-child book club. Once she's done, she can display the books beautifully with some stylish bookends.

3. The Wanderluster

  • Gift: Photobook and African glass beads

  • Commemorate her travel experiences by printing her pictures in a gorgeous photobook. Not only can she reminisce on her journeys, but she can make it a display on her coffee table with some authentic African glass beads

4. The Film Buff

  • Gift: Throw blanket and a movie night in

  • Cozy up together with a lush throw, popcorn, and wine for a movie night in. You can watch an old favorite of hers, or something brand new. I gifted a Mamma Mia watch night to my mom before my wedding and it was one of my most cherished memories of my engagement year.

5. The Proud Grandma

  •  Gift: Jewelry dish and birthstone necklace

  • Jewelry can be tricky to buy for others, but it's safe to say that a custom necklace with her grandchildren's birthstones or initials would knock it out of the park. The variety of colors means she can wear it with anything, plus it gives her another excuse to brag about her grandbabies to all her friends.

6. The Baker

  • Gift: Apron and a bake day

  • Perhaps she has a recipe that you've been dying to learn from her, or want to give a new one a spin. Either way, it's a wonderful chance for you two to catch up and then savor a delicious treat afterwards.

7. The Coffee Lover

  • Gift: Handcrafted matte ceramic mug set and coffee subscription

  • Fill her heart and her new sleek cups with a little caffeinated gift. Not only will she get to try a bunch of unique roasts, but you can also use it as a great excuse to schedule a coffee date one morning at her house. There are plenty of options out there, but here are a few that I love here in Minneapolis that ship nationally:

I hope this helped you find the perfect gift for your mom this year! Oh, and as a final pro tip: flowers are always a wonderful addition to any of the gifts above.

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