5 Ways to Add Organic Style to your Home

Summer vacation season is winding down (le sigh) and many of us will be fondly thinking back at tree lined hikes or basking on sea shores or star gazing in the desert. It’s no wonder that immersing in natural settings brings down the stress level and rejuvenates the soul.

Prolonging these lasting calming effects is not impossible though. Infuse your home with several elements of organic style and make it a daily sanctuary. Here’s how!

1. Find your flora

In form and color, flowers bring in immediate aesthetic appeal and soften a space. While freshly cut bouquets are ideal, introduce your favorite florals by way of fabric print via pillows, curtains or even large furniture items. The pattern will not overwhelm if balanced by solids and other complimentary designs.

Get clever by combining other organic elements like macrame planters to feature large favorite vases filled with fresh or faux blooms.

2. Highlight wood

Wood breathes and ages, qualities that give us a natural connection to it as a preferred material. Homes blessed with hardwood floors automatically hit the organic style jackpot! Yet, there are several ways to bring in the warming touch of wood in our favorite spaces.

Whether your style airs on the side of modern or contemporary, there’s always room for a wood side table, wall shelf or accent decor to bring in organic interest to the design. Varied tones and grains of wood selection offer countless options too!

Wanting to play with something a little different? Easy to peel and stick panels like those from Stikwood give us the chance to create the illusion of wood walls. Faux bois pieces, too, like patterns on pillows or wallpaper prints are a great way to bring in the wood without having the actual material.

3. Weave in texture

Organic style comes in beautifully via texture. Natural fiber pieces like rattan or Abaca in furniture, rugs, and lighting fixtures give a laid back almost coastal feel to a room. Baskets used as storage or wall art are also simple ways to counter smooth, refines finishes.

We’ve seen the macrame mania taking over and love it! Not exclusive to boho chic spaces, these knotting cord patterns in the form of wall tapestries and plant hangers are a great way to being in an artisan element to a space.

4. Bring in botanicals

Organic style most certainly includes botanicals in one way or another. They are Mother Nature’s decor accents and the more, the better. For great guidance on indoor plants, Urban Jungle Bloggers is a popular go-to with tips and inspirational ways to incorporate botanicals at home.

Not much of a green thumb? No worries! A plethora of leaf printed pillows, wall art and sculptural accents are available and can bring in the tranquil effects that potted lovelies do.

5. Welcome the wilderness

There’s something wonderfully playful and beautiful when adding a little of the wild inside. Artful images of insects, deer antlers, and oversized photographs of landscapes help bring in organic style touches to any room in the home.

These, intermixed with other organic style elements like wood and texture, can't help but bring life to interior design.

Looking to add some natural decor to your space? Here we share some of our shop favorites that are sure to bring some organic flair!

  1. Wood skull wall art

  2. Willow storage basket black

  3. Woven pendant light oblong (also in round)

  4. Tassel pillow ebony

  5. Cactus coat hook

  6. Stoneware fern bowl

  7. Budding floral collage

  8. Glenn side table

Blog post collaboration by owner of THE GOOD ABODE, Christine Martin.

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