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If you ask me, there are few rooms in a home that are as important as the bedroom. Many people prioritize investment in common spaces like living rooms and kitchens, but I think maintaining focus in your home design for your primary bedroom is key. Not only does your bedroom serve as a place to unwind and rest, it may also be a rare space protected (somewhat) from messes or activity from kids and guests.

It's easy to overlook your bedroom, but I would challenge you to see it as the foundation of your home. If you have your sanctuary, you can properly recharge, allowing you to show up more for your family, partner, or friends. This means creating a room that you love stylistically and functionally. Making your room look good and work well can be a challenge, but I'm here to help break down some essentials for a bedroom staple: your nightstand.

Think about it. Your nightstand is the last furnishing you see at night, and the first you see upon waking in the morning. I would say that alone makes it pretty dang critical. While you want to make sure it's relatively decluttered, these five items are extremely handy to have within reach.


No nightstand is complete without ambient light fixture. Multiple light sources are foundational for any room design, so whether you go for a table lamp or sconces, you should always have at least one near your bed. Lamps are perfect for reading at night, plus with less intensity than overhead fixtures and without having to get up to flip off the switch.


As a woman, I almost always have odd-and-ends with me as I get into bed. This is why I swear by having a trinket dish or box on your nightstand. It's the perfect place to stash jewelry, hair ties, lip balm, or matches without creating visual clutter. I have one for my husband and he uses it to put his work badge, smart watch, and lip balm in. Bonus perk: it's also a great way to add some style.


I personally cannot go to bed without water, both for hydration and taking my vitamins and medicine. A girlfriend of mine taught me the fantastic lesson to keep a water carafe and glasses in your guest bedroom, but the same applies to your primary bedroom, too. It's a beautiful way to keep water handy in case you wake up parched.


You can't beat a stack of books as an anchor for a nightstand. I find reading to be a helpful way to relax, and they also add some style to the overall look. I recommend rotating books in and out after you read them so you always have a fresh volume for those restless nights. Even if you are a Kindle/e-reader fan, you can still keep a stack as a decorative touch. I also swear by having a journal or notebook in my nightstand. I can't tell you how many nights I have struggled to fall asleep because of something I was thinking about or a to-do item that didn't want to forget. Having a place to jot things down will help ease your mind to help you finally fall asleep.


Last but not least, I always recommend having little ritual goods to help you decompress. I am a candle addict, so always have a favorite scent nearby, plus essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus. I know a lot of people who maintain gua sha and acupressure rituals, so keeping any of those tools accessible is great, too.

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ECG Nightstand Essentials Lookbook

Illuminators 1. Latham Sconce 2. Carved Wood Table Lamp 3. Cliff Table Lamp 4. Katonah Table Lamp 5. Dona Sconce || Storers 1. Laurel Wooden Bowl 2. Bala Marble Bowl 3. Quilla Teak Root Bowl 4. Stone Mortar || Hydrators + Inspirers 1. Brass Bookends 2. Handcrafted Ceramic Mugs in Matte Black 3. Brown and White Ceramic Pitcher || 1.  Relaxors 1. Oversized Matches 2. Artisan Ceramic Incense Holder 3. Cali Vibes 8oz. Hand-Poured Candle in Sea + Fog

Are there any items you always have on your nightstand that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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