5 Foolproof Tricks to Maximize Your Small Space

Every home is completely unique. Some people have a small square footprint, but ample storage. Others have large square footage, but few closets or cabinets. No matter your scenario, organization is the go-to way to make the most of your space. With recent crazes like the KonMari Method by Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, there are plenty of resources to give you inspiration to tidy your home. What is lacking though, are easy ways to not just make a space feel neater, but to truly feel bigger. Organizing can get you far, but these extra steps can help maximize your rooms.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

One simple way to make a room feel more open is to place a mirror on a wall opposite or adjacent to a window. Not only does this help reflect the natural lighting, it also creates additional visual depth, making the space feel bigger. Obviously, a larger mirror with a minimalist frame will amplify this effect, but a single mirror or multiple small mirrors do the trick if you are on a budget.

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Get Your Rug Right

Rugs can feel tricky, but when in doubt go with a larger area rug to make a room feel bigger. Some people skimp on their area rug size, which can actually make a space feel smaller. As a general rule of thumb, you typically want at least the front legs of all furnishings to rest on the rug. If you are tight on budget, overlapping two smaller rugs can often come in at a lower price point.

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It's Crystal Clear

Acrylic furniture has certainly been on the rise the last few years, but for a small space it brings even more value. This clear material is perfect for adding surfaces that don't take up visual space, allowing the room to still feel more open. Although we often see acrylic tables or bar carts as the main pieces in this material, acrylic floating shelves are also great to play with for the same reason.

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Up The Wall

You only have so much floor space, but wall space is more abundant in almost every room. Make it work for you! Hang floating shelves to maximize storage and display options. Mount sconces instead of taking up floor or table space for lamps. A fun paint hack to try: leave a few inches at the top of your wall unpainted to match the ceiling color. This will create a visual effect that makes your ceilings appear vaulted, leaving a feeling of airiness.

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The Sky's the Limit

Another great way to make a small room feel larger is to mount curtain rods higher above the window and use longer panels. The sky is truly the limit - or in this case, the ceiling is! Not only does this hack make the window seem bigger, it can help make the entire space seem so, too. Given it can be a lot of fabric, we recommend sticking to softer colors and patterns to not overwhelm the whole design.

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Image Credits - Cover: MyDomaine | Mirrors: Chinasa Cooper | Rugs: Lulu & Georgia | Acrylic: Domino | Walls: Pinterest | Curtains: Emma Fiala

Are you pinned to a small footprint? Let us know your favorite hacks for making the most of your tiny rooms!

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