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Eclectic Goods New Year Interior Design Trends - Cover Image

With November in full swing, I find myself frequently looking ahead to the new year. I know I'm not alone in wishing 2021 had been a lot less like 2020, but it is the year we got. I did my best to make the most of it - spending time with family and friends, pursuing hobbies, and enjoying time outdoors - and I hope to do the same as we swap to a new calendar. Although COVID is very much still a part of our lives, it does feel like the momentum is shifting. Perhaps 2022 will finally provide that yearned for sense of returning to normalcy. All in all, I am excited for what it will bring, both personally and artistically. With so much creative expression pent up, it feels like this upcoming wave of design will be charged with energy and authenticity, and I can hardly wait.

New Year Necessities

I hope that 2022 brings the decline of this pandemic, but I also think there are many ripple effects that are here to stay. This includes interior design. Many companies are continuing remote work indefinitely, which means that homes are now more multi-purpose than ever. As a result, function will continue to reign supreme when it comes to design decisions. Whether people are completing a renovation or buying a new furnishing, they will prioritize practicality with each element.


One factor that will be weighted heavily in 2022 (and beyond) is comfort. After spending so much time at home, people are recognizing the importance of easeful spaces. Instead of choosing the artistic wooden armchair fit for a gallery, people will opt for the plush bouclé lounger where they can curl up for hours. If this journey has taught us anything worthwhile, it is that items that don't serve a purpose or make us happy don't need a place in our home.

Eclectic Goods - New Year Interior Design Trends - Plaster and Stone

Plaster & Stone

As I've been keeping a pulse on new home collections launching, I've noticed strong usage of rugged texture. From plaster lamps to stone trays, design will incorporate materials that have surfaces inspired by nature to create that modern yet organic aesthetic.

Eclectic Goods - New Year Interior Design Trends - Architectural Details

Architectural Details

Though minimalism is still a staple look, I anticipate more and more spaces will weave in touches of historical embellishments. For example, an ultra-modern living room will now be balanced with crown moulding and a ceiling medallion. As someone who has always admired the ornate craftsmanship of older homes, I am eager to see some of these details finding their way back into design next year.

Eclectic Goods New Year Trends - Greens


Nature will come into play more and more in design, and not just with materials. Shades of greens will take center stage in 2022, with sage, olive, and moss being coveted hues. Although the green spectrum will be the most popular, we will generally see bolder use of colors and patterns as people look to shake the negativity of the pandemic.

Eclectic Goods - New Year Interior Design Trends - Global Touches


Lastly, I expect we'll see people tap into worldly styles next year. I certainly have my fair share of wanderlust, so highlighting items I've collected on my adventures is a great way to express my passion for travel. I predict that rattan and cane furniture will continue to thrive for this reason. People are eager to see the world, and want to bring that feeling into their homes.

As I look back on the list, I certainly feel like 2022 will be a great year for interiors. Which trends are you anticipating? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to check out all the stylish new arrivals now in the ECG Shop (click here to see them for yourself).

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