Our Trend Predictions for 2021

This year has certainly been one we won't soon forget. In some ways it feels like a decade, but in others it feels like a blink. Though I'm pretty sure we are all eager to wrap 2020, I couldn't head into the new year without a few trend predictions. The past 9 months have led to pretty much the entire world spending a lot more time in their homes, and I think this will continue to have an influence on interior design in 2021.

Eclectic Goods 2021 Trends - Multi-Purpose


Whether it be a multi-functional room or furnishing, utilitarian choices will continue to be made in the new year and beyond. Although most people have already primed their "working from home" setup, I'm guessing everyone will continue to look at their home in a new way. Perhaps you look at a dining room table as a work spot for kids, or a guest bedroom as a home workout area. No matter what, I think functionality will be top of mind for years to come.


Who doesn't love a good fusion? Japandi is one I think will make big waves in 2021. You've seen Scandinavian designs reign in popularity for a few years, but now we're layering on clean Japanese lines and intentionality. These aesthetics complement each other incredibly, and look alike in many ways. The major perk with this new combination is that Japanese design puts an emphasis on function (see prediction 1). Not only does the Japandi look bring a sense of simplicity and tranquility, it also maximizes the use of each item for a well-rounded space.

Check out our Japandi chairs - here.

Eclectic Goods 2021 Trends - Burgundy


All white or gray homes have shifted out and warm tones are making a major comeback. Pantone picked a sunny yellow called "Illuminating" as their 2021 Color of the Year, but I'm predicting deep shades of burgundy and beiges making their way into homes. Beyond color, I think texture will continue to warm up interior designs, including plaster and wallpaper adding dimension as a contrast to the crisp minimalist walls we've seen for years. 2020 has forced us to stay home for long stretches of time and the last thing people want is a stark feeling space.

Eclectic Goods 2021 Trends - Separation


An open floor plan is all fun and games until you're stuck at home with screaming kiddos and/or barking dogs. Needless to say, I didn't anticipate a time when people would be craving closed off spaces, but here we are. One less obvious perk of a more closed off floor plan is that it gives you flexibility to play around more, particularly with walls. It's hard to commit to wallpapering a large open space, but a smaller room is a much easier decision. If you have an open concept, don't go putting up walls just yet though! You can always use shelving or dividers to create separation.

Eclectic Goods 2021 Trends - Traditional


Perhaps in nostalgia for "simpler times," but I definitely think touches of traditional will be surging this year. Decorative busts, dried florals in porcelain vases, ornate details, you name it! The best part about traditional designs coming back in style is that you can score some truly incredible antique pieces. Not only are vintage finds eco-conscious, but they also give a one-of-a-kind feel to any room.

I'm quite excited to swap the calendar to 2021, and these designs make me even more so. What are you looking forward in the next year, and what design trends do you think will be taking center stage?

Image Credits - Multi-Purpose: Homes to Love AU || Japandi: Cate St. Hill || Warmth: AD Espana || Separation: Maison Creative || Traditional: SCW Interiors