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Happy Friday everyone! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Rachel Cafferty, the blogger behind Quarter-Life Living. I have been collaborating with Denise and the team at Eclectic Goods since October, and I adore all things home. My husband and I recently purchased our first house in Minneapolis, and I have had thee best time making it truly ours. Between picking out furniture, to rearranging rooms, to plotting new projects, I feel so lucky to get to channel my passion for design in our home.

If you are a homeowner, then you know that it can be a major transition from renting to owning. My husband and I previously lived in Kansas City and then Denver before relocating back to my home state last year. As you can imagine, between three cross-country moves and renting in various cities, we weren't exactly focusing on finding lasting furnishings and decor. One of my favorite things of owning has been getting to invest in quality pieces that I truly love, knowing we'll be in this space for the foreseeable future. It's been really calming to know we're planting roots after so many years of hopping around.

My Design Approach

When styling our home, I set three main goals:

  • Focus on quality and longevity

  • Be intentional with purchases (strive for "love" vs. "like")

  • Ensure it fits our lifestyle

All of these came into play when I made decisions for our home, from picking pieces to setting layouts. The last goal was especially challenging though. I often go "pretty" over "practical," but pushed myself to think about each item working for us. For example, while we don't have kids or pets at the moment, we enjoy hosting friends and family. I didn't want to constantly be worried about spills, water rings, or scratches, so I decided to get a stonetop dining table and glass top coffee table. My recommendation for anyone styling their own home is to always think through if it works for you at your life stage. If you have kiddos or pets, that doesn't mean you can't buy beautiful things, it simply means you'll want to focus on the materials to ensure they can withstand some extra wear-and-tear.

The FAQs

  1. How would I describe my style? Neutral and intentional.

  2. What is my favorite design element? Textiles. I cannot get enough pillows, rugs, towels, curtains, etc.

  3. What projects do I have lined up? We had our basement flood in March, so we're repairing and updating the basement. As much as it was a frustrating situation, it could have been so much worse, and I'm excited to make some changes to align more with our taste. Aside from that, we're also planning to update our patio and put in a wildflower garden in our backyard.

  4. Cool tones or warm tones? I always gravitate towards cool tones, and have since I can remember.

  5. What is my favorite Eclectic Goods piece? I am absolutely obsessed with the new Smithe Collection. The contrasted colors and cane matting are to die for.

  6. What is my biggest design advice? I've said it before and I'll say it time and time again: give yourself time to create the look you love if you are on a budget. A room doesn't need to come together all at once. Focus on finding pieces that you really connect with, and purchase them over time. It's better to spend 6 months or more curating a space that you swoon over than to feel ho-hum or blow your budget.

Home Tour

Welcome to our casa! As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comment section!

Get the Look

I hope you enjoyed my mini, virtual home tour! Digging the vibe of our space? I've put together a lookbook so you can recreate a similar living room style in your home! Click the product names below the image to shop the Eclectic Goods pieces.

ECG Rachel Cafferty - Quarter-Life Living Lookbook

Products: Brass Lineal Chandelier || Thomas Sofa in Gray || Daphne Chairs in Navy || White Lacquered Coffee Table || Glenn Side Tables || Jute Geo Border Rug (similar to image) || Large Hailey Vessel - coming soon || Pillows (from left to right): Jumbo Hand-Knotted Wool Pillow No. 2 || Indigo Batik Pillows|| Black and White Mudcloth Pillow ||

Image Credit: Samantha Lewis Photography