East Coast Prep Meets West Coast Boho Vibes in this Stunning Updated Victorian Family Home

When it comes to decorating her 1890 Victorian home in Cohasset, MA, interior designer and Blogger Jenny Minns learned to honor the bones of her historical home while infusing a sense of her fresh costal and modern style.  The finished home design is an eclectic coastal vibe with a traditional twist.  Jenny, who shares her 3500 sq foot home with husband, twins (yay for twin mamas) Belle + Oliver and their yellow lab Millie, was first drawn to her home because of the "cuteness factor" of the town and its close location to Boston which speaks to her city loving heart.  "This town is a Dickens Village look alike with a big white church, skating pond, large grassy green spaces and historical homes dotting the main road.  The town is situated along the ocean with many harbors though out, so most drives include some view of the water".   Sounds pretty perfect to us!




Jenny loves to fill their home with meaningful pieces.  Art that she has collected on her travels with her husband are among the most special.  Specifically an oil painting of a stormy seascape she found at a flea market in Paris. The art is beautiful & moody, but also carries memories of an amazing trip with her husband.  Her sister is also a talented artist.  She has her pieces in almost every room.  It gives her " all the warm and fuzzies" on the daily to see her art all around.


What's your favorite room in your home and why?

Our breakfast nook. My husband built the bench himself using moulding taken from the walls we took down. The result is a cozy nook that feels as though it has always been a part of the home. This is also the place where everything happens- meals, game night, my office, happy hour.








How does this home reflect who you are?

The home is now a perfect blend of new and old, romantic and minimal, historic and modern, neutral with pops of color, and a true blend of both oceans. Filled with palms and tropicals yet balanced with preppy east coast stripes. It’s the yin and yang of my own personality and loves.




My house wouldn’t feel like home without:

MY people. They make the building HOME.


Did you make any changes or renovations to your home?

YES, soooo many changes….we removed walls to create one large open flow living space in the front portion of the home.  We replaced the old floors (out of necessity) with resilient French Oak wide plank.  Our Kitchen was completely remodeled as well as some exterior restoration and painting.


What aspect of your renovation was a non-negotiable for you?

Opening up the walls of the cramped living space, and replacing the mismatched flooring. This took months, and we waited till this was completed to move in.

What feature of your home were you willing to spend?

We sold our furniture with our last home. While mildly overwhelming to pick all new furniture, it allowed me to thoughtfully decorate each space. Each piece has intention. Certain spaces such as dining & living room took priority and were given higher budget allocation.   The most difficult part in the beginning design was to let if feel collected over time vs furnished at once. I work on adding that most important style layer to this day!


Where were you willing to cut costs?

Originally, the kitchen. It had a 1990’s renovation by a previous owner. It was functional, and to some might be considered a pretty kitchen. As a strong minded designer it was hard to let go of my wishes for a white bright modern space.   We decided to live with it for a few years, but my inner designer rebelled against the brown granite. My husband and I decided to bump up this project and complete it ourselves. We saved a lot of money in the process but I did have to compromise some elements I’d want in my dream gourmet kitchen.






Favorite piece of design or architecture in your town:

I have a few homes on the ocean that I’ll go out of my way to drive by to drool and dream. I’d describe them as Nantucket Style Estates.  Who doesn’t dream of having a long lush grassy front yard on one side, and a private beach on the other??


Best places for thrift store finds, antiques, or flea markets:

Hingham Consignment Gallery & pop-up estate sales


Best Farmers’ market:

Cohasset Farmers Market on the town green


Best happy hour:

My dad’s deck :)


Best cheap and cheerful restaurant:

Neither are cheap but I love Saltie Girl in Boston, and Bia’s in Cohasset.


Best place to experience art and culture:

The city of Boson


Best coffee shop:

Typing this right now in our best coffee shop, a Cali inspired coffee shop, The Seabird.


If I were to have visitors, I would take them to:

A ferry ride across the harbor to Boston where we would tourist our way to the city. We would end the day with a dinner picnic on our town beach with a cocktail in hand.


Thank you SO much Jenny.  We absolutely adore your home, your style and YOU!

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