3 Ways to Nail the Natural Look


With our final snowstorm (hopefully) behind us, I'm excited for all that spring and summer have to offer here in Minnesota. There is nothing quite like the metamorphosis of springtime. I love watching the Earth shake itself free of the cold, bringing flowers and plants back to life. It's this time of year when I especially love getting outdoors. Nature is good for my soul. We live near the largest park in Minneapolis, and I love nothing more than to stroll through it, taking in the sights, smells and sounds of the woods.

My love for outdoors runs deep, which means I love to bring elements from Mother Nature into my own home. Earthy aesthetics have been gaining popularity lately, with ecru, sand, terracotta and rust tones getting the spotlight. Although I tend to lean towards the cool side of the color wheel, I find myself drawn to these warm hues for a design shake up. Beyond colors, there are also endless materials that can help you bring the outdoors in. If you're looking to nail the natural look - and no I'm not talking beauty routines - then read on for my three favorites ways to bring organic vibes to your decor.

Mud Cloth

If you've been on Pinterest or Instagram in the last 5 years, then you've definitely seen mudcloth throw pillows. Did you know, however, that this dyeing technique stems all the way back to 12th century Africa? Historically, Malian men would weave the fabric and women would dye it, using fermented mud to create symbols. While today's designs seem to be repetitive patterns, the fabrics in the past used these symbols to tell stories that could be passed down through generations.

Mud cloth, or bògòlanfini, has been center stage for some time now, and I think it will continue to be a staple with new designs keeping it fresh. I have two throw pillows for our living room and basement, and love their thickness and beautiful texture. Mud cloth is perfect for common living spaces because the fabric maintains its shape better thanks to its heartier weight.


Another material that has been used for thousands of years: rattan has been making a major comeback as well. Depending on the precision of the weaving, rattan designs can look boho or contemporary. I've especially been swooning over caned furniture, as it feels a tad more polished. Rattan is a great option for humid climates because it is lightweight, airy, and water-resistant compared to upholstery. All-in-all, this is a great option if you're looking to bring natural elements into your floor plan.



Last but certainly not least, jute is another favorite earthy pick of mine. The texture alone is to die for, but there are a ton of other perks. It's a great choice for high-traffic areas, because the thick weaving and color variations help hide wear and tear. I have a jute runner in our mudroom and am so glad! It has withstood its first winter and still looks gorgeous. I also have a larger area rug in our living room and think it contrasts beautifully with our modern and subtly glam decor.

Eco Vibes Lookbook

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Thank you for reading! Let me know your favorite nature-inspired decor in the comments.

Image Credits: Cover - Delightfull || Mud Cloth: One Affirmation || Rattan: Cottage & Sea || Jute: Quarter-Life Living||